What if I don’t like my portrait? What’s your revision policy?

Please note that some edits & revisions might be subject to additional charges. For example, if you didn’t clarify specific information in the questionnaire or want to get the work done, that is outside the scope of the service package you purchased. Another example would be providing us initially with old, low-quality, and outdated photos that don’t match our guidelines or incorrect information (e.g., names, text for calligraphy services, and so on).

We always include the edits related to the resemblance in every package. Our goal is to make sure that people drawn in artworks look like themselves. Please note that we expect you to follow our current revisions request guide, elaborate on details, and collaborate with us. We reserve the right to refuse service to rude and uncollaborative customers. The creative process is always a two-way communication process, and we always make sure to provide you with all essential information and help you, but we can not read peoples’ minds. :)