How can I get a full-body portrait?

At Covatar, we always create a bust portrait by default (upper part of the body). It helps us to optimize the price and make it affordable for you as a customer. 


We also offer a full-body portrait option. You can choose it on eligible products by using a switch above the “Add to cart” button. It’s located near the service package switches. If you want to get a full-body portrait, just switch it to the full-body mode. Remember that all full-body portraits come in the rectangular (16:9) format. Please let us know in advance if you need to make it in the square (1:1) format. 


Please be aware that the total cost of your future portrait will significantly increase as full-body portraits are more challenging to create. This includes human anatomy, additional details, and twice more space to draw and fill with beautiful things. Full-body portraits typically take about 2-3 longer than regular ones to create.