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We've drawn 800+ Covatars
Get for yourself or gift a unique hand-drawn portrait by a professional illustrator! We'll donate $5 from each purchase to a charity of your choice.
and donated $4000+
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What is Covatar?
Covatar is a custom illustration made by a professional artist. It can be used in many different ways for personal purposes.
Profile picture
The best gift ever
Family picture
Print on a souvenir
Covatar is the best way to express yourself in social media and make your friends go "woah".
Don't know what to gift for birthday? Or any other occasion? Now you got the idea.
Make a beautiful digital portrait with your loved ones and, let's say, hang it on a wall.
You can print Covatar images on t-shirts, hoodies and mugs. You can use it yourself or gift to someone.
* Covatars are prohibited from any kind of commercial usage.
If you need to get an illustration for your business, please contact us via chat.
Choose your option
Get a Covatar for yourself, gift it to your loved ones, or even order one for your pets. Choose one of our 17 available styles or trust our art directors and save $6.
For individuals
For pet owners
For two people
For small families
For children
Get it for yourself or make a unique gift for your best friend, bae, or grandma.
We'll draw you with your furry buddy...or perhaps with a favorite animal?
Make a cute portrait with your best friend, parent or a loved one.
Get a memorable family portrait with your partner and kids.
Get a beautiful and funny portrait for your child.
For pets
Get a picture of your furry buddy.
Most popular
Need more people or pets in your Covatar?
Please contact us via the chat window located at the lower right corner of this page.
Gift certificates
A great and memorable alternative for traditional gift cards
Help people with each purchase
By purchasing a Covatar you help an artist. We also donate part of proceedings from your order to a charity of your choice. So far, we've created more than 800 Covatars and donated $4000 to dozens of charities. The donation report is coming soon.
The process
We utilize a top-level design agency production process to deliver Covatars that make you happy.
Choose a unique style or trust us
Choose your favorite visual style that matches your mood. Or, trust our team of experienced art directors to choose the best style for you and save $6.
Pay and fill out a quick questionnaire
Pay securely with your bank card, Apple Pay or Android Pay in one click. Then submit a very short questionnaire with 3-5 selfies. This helps us to learn more about you as a person to create the best custom Covatar!
We draw your Covatar!
Our talented illustrators and experienced art directors will start working on your Covatar right away.
You get your Covatar. We donate!
As soon as your Covatar is ready, we get back to you via email. The sweetest part is that we donate $5 to a charity of your choice!
Over 800 people love us
Members of our fast-growing community love their Covatars! Enjoy even more examples in our Hall of Fame.
Meet the team
Behind each Covatar is a team of experienced and extremely talented creative people
Frequently Asked Questions
We tried to cover the most popular ones, but feel free to contact us via chat window located at the right bottom corner of this page if you have any other questions.
How do you create Covatars?
Covatars are hand-drawn illustrations created by our professional artists. Each illustrator teams up with an art director and customer success manager to create the best picture for you. We use a strict agency-level production process to ensure high quality of our work. In the end, you get a 1000 x 1000 px version that you can use as a profile picture on different platforms. You can also request a printable version of the image (8⅓" X 8⅓", 300 dpi) that you can use on t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc. for a small fee.
Do you really donate money?
Yes, we do, but we do it manually. This is the core idea of our project. The donation report is coming soon.
I'm an artist. How can I join?
We're a fast-growing team of artists. If you want to join our team, please contact us via chat window located at the right bottom corner of this page. Don't forget to include your graphic portfolio.
When will I get my Covatar?
It takes up to 10 business days to process each order. We also offer a 2-business day delivery for an additional fee. If you want to check your order status, please, contact us via chat window located at the bottom right corner of this page. Please, provide your receipt number with your first message.
How do I get a Covatar?
Everything is very simple!

1. Choose your option on this page
2. Select a unique style or let us choose for you and save $6.
3. Submit the creative questionnaire
4. We'll do the rest of work!
We donate $5 from each Covatar purchase!
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