I already purchased a Covatar portrait in the past. How can I update it? Can I add a person, change background, color, attire, details after the portrait is delivered?

Yes, you can! We create truly unique and fully customizable artworks so we can manipulate them in many exciting different ways. If you want to receive different versions of your portrait after the delivery, just contact our customer service team with details. Such changes are always subject to additional charges because our team will be taking time to implement these edits. 


More fun customizations

Add details, change your outfits, get different background. All of this is possible with Covatar!

Need last minute gifts?

We offer a variety of expedited delivery bundles to help you get unique gifts even if you’re short on time.

Experience the process

Participate in our proprietary creative process by adding your vision, ideas & approving your artwork on every step.

Please note that we don’t offer style changes or body/face composition redrawing as this requires recreating artwork from scratch. In this case, you will need to purchase a new artwork from our marketplace.