I changed my mind about the style. How can I change the artist who will be working on my artwork?

Changing artists after submitting a questionnaire can only be done under certain conditions and depends on the service package and add-ons you purchased during the checkout process.

For Basic package: You’ll need to upgrade to the Standard or Premium package within the first 72 hours to choose a specific style and artist. You are subjected to additional charges when you change artists after this deadline.

For Standard package: You can change an artist for the first 24 hours after submitting the questionnaire and reference photos for free. Afterward, changing an artist will be subject to additional charges.

For Premium package or orders with the EXPERIENCE bundle: When you purchase this package, we do not allow the changing of the artist as we are working on the sketch version right away to deliver it to you on time for your approval. Changing an artist is subject to additional charges and can cause delays in the production process.

Changing an artist or style after the portrait is ready: We do not allow such options due to the nature of our product (it’s made to order and by hand). In this case, you’ll need to purchase another artwork with the correct style. We do not offer or apply any credits or vouchers in such cases, but you can use publicly available special offers and discounts.

Please note that you change an artist only once.