How can I use artworks purchased by you? Do you have license agreements?

The artworks we produce are incredibly affordable and not intended for business, commercial, or reselling activities. By default, every graphic design product on our marketplaces comes with a personal license. We would like to be clear that you can only utilize artwork obtained from Covatar Market for personal use, including a Personal license. 

We advise against harmful practices that involve obtaining materials from creators for personal use to get lower prices and then repurpose the same for business activities or by gaining direct profit. 

We follow widely established ethics and never allow the usage of affordable art to generate profit and personal/business gains. 

We sincerely ask our customers to respect the hard work of our creative team and artist and use the graphic materials according to the usage tier they paid the money for. Part of the proceedings from the license sales go directly to the artists.

You can use our artworks for Business, Commercial, or Reselling purposes by obtaining a correct license from us with an additional fee that must be paid in full before you start using the artwork for your specific needs. 


Examples of the Personal license allowable use cases:
  1. Gifting a voucher to your friends, family members, co-workers so they can obtain an artwork themselves
  2. Gifting the final image to friends, family members, colleagues where they will be utilizing it for personal use
  3. Using artwork as an avatar or user profile picture in private social media profiles 
  4. Using printed artwork on home decor, apparel, souvenir item and utilizing it for personal use or giving it as a gift. You can print one artwork several times to provide these items to friends or family members or simply use it for your personal needs. We do not allow mass printing with further distribution for marketing, business, and commercial purposes.
  5. You can give or transfer your personal license to another person. If this person wants to use the artwork for Commercial, Business, or Reselling purposes, this person will need to contact us at and obtain the specific license for his use case license. 


Examples of prohibited use cases: 
  1. Using this image on professional websites and streaming platforms which are treated as an income stream. For these purposes, you need to obtain a separate Business use license.
  2. Using the image for marketing campaigns, printing on marketing materials, using on business/non-profit organization websites, etc. These activities require you to have a Business Use License.
  3. Gifting portraits to business partners, community members, and so on. These activities require you to have a Business Use License.
  4. Mass printing of artwork on wearables, home decors, and any other merchandise to resell it. Such activities require you to obtain a Commercial Use License.
  5. Reselling digital artwork to other people (for example, NFT or other digital goods marketplaces and stock photography platforms). In this case, you need to obtain the Reselling/NFT License.

If you want to learn more about licensing, please contact us at We’ll be happy to assist you with choosing a suitable license for your case.