Looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea for your wife? We got you.

Hand-drawn portrait by a real artist not generated using AI art and artificial intelligence

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HAND-DRAWN PORTRAIT of a sweet couple created by artist Uli FROM COVATAR

What’s a Covatar Portrait?

It’s a unique portrait hand-drawn by real artists. You can use it in digital form or have it printed on clothes, souvenirs, and home decor items. The portrait can feature just one person, a couple, a family, or even a pet! We have over 40 different styles that you can choose from.

Why is a Covatar Portrait a great gift for your wife?

  • It’s a unique present that is custom made by a real artist just for you.
  • It’s forever. Flowers will die, chocolate will get eaten, Valentine’s Day cards might get lost, but a Covatar Portrait will always be there to remind your wife how much you care.
  • It will show your wife how special and beautiful she is to you. With a portrait, you’ll give her the ability to see herself through your eyes.
  • A Covatar Portrait requires very little effort from you. Just a few questions and a couple of photos – we’ll handle the rest!

Celebrate your most special moment together

Everyone has those special memories that make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for years or just several months. What better way to celebrate your love than by getting a cute Valentine’s Day gift? We can recreate your most romantic moments together: first date, engagement party, or wedding celebration. We can draw you looking young and beautiful, wearing the same outfits you wore on the day you met. Whatever you need to make your Valentine’s Day celebration special!

Include those who aren’t always there

Valentine’s Day isn’t always about two people. Sometimes, it’s about the whole family: the one that raised you and the one that you created together. Even if they live miles away, their love might still mean the world to your wife. To show her how many people want to wish her a happy Valentine’s Day, you can order a custom portrait that features the entire family. No matter how big it is.

And don’t forget about the cutest family members!

Families come in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes, they’re not limited to humans. No matter how small your pet is, the love and joy they bring to the family is endless. If a simple couple portrait doesn’t feel right and you’re looking for a more creative Valentine’s Day gift idea for your wife, you can order a pet portrait instead. We can draw any animal you want, either on their own or as part of a group portrait. You can even include pets that are no longer there to join the family celebration.

Make your Valentine’s Day gift card stand out

In addition to creating a one of a kind portrait for you, we can also print it on any surface. You’ll get to surprise your wife with a unique gift card, a pillow, a T-shirt, a shoulder bag, or any other item that will make your Valentine’s Day gift unforgettable!

Covatar Portraits Features

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