It took me a long time to have my style. Now I call it «compartments of all superfluous and will get what you need». I try to draw as simply as possible, but expressively. I like when the picture looks like a sign — when it looks good and harmonious and from afar and near.

So I don’t want to go too far into details, I’m focusing on shape and color instead. I admire the posters of Japanese designer Kazumasa Nagai — nothing special and just a couple of details, but something important and fleeting is grasped, so it's difficult to look away.


My works

My story

Most of my life so far has been dedicated to drawing. In fact, I studied for 10 years in the art college, and since 2011, I have been using a graphic tablet to make my pieces. Aside from drawing, I am also into comics and graphic novels.
Every time I draw, I pay great attention to composition in my works and try to make the portrait as similar as possible. For the details, I often add a touch that reflects the personality of the person I’m drawing.

For me, muted colors are the best, and they pair up perfectly with my style, which is a mixture of academic drawing and casual (semi-realism). My favorite genre in drawing is portraits since the face, look, and position of the head can tell a lot about a person.
I try to improve my skills every day so that my artwork can be pleasant for people. And also, I’m a cat and dog person.

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