Many of my portraits resemble sophisticated and detailed engravings. They're made up of many small, precise lines and strokes that reveal upon close examination. The deep black gives the image a theatrical effect, enhancing it with rich colors and catchy patterns. The models in my portraits are realistic and emotional, with the main focus on the eyes and their expression, be it a person or a pet.


My works

My story

I was holding a pencil before I could walk and knew how to draw before I spoke my first words. I think this is because my family has always welcomed interest in self-expression and supported any creative ideas. I wasn't a very social child.

It was difficult for me to communicate and find friends. I was often misunderstood and not accepted into the community. I was a loner. So I spent all my free time playing computer games. I was fascinated by colorful virtual worlds, the opportunity to live a completely unique experience not available in reality: to build your own city, become an archer, drive a race car, all the age of 11. I always dreamed that I could create cool game art because this would really combine my two passions — games and drawing. Now, in some way, I've managed to make my childhood dream come true, but when it came right down the line of being an artist for a video games company or working at your typical 9–5 desk job with upper management responsibilities like filing expense reports all day long? Well...
I also traveled a lot with my mother. On one of these trips at the age of 12, I ended up in Prague, visiting the Alphonse Mucha museum, and my world turned upside down. I was amazed by the lines, color, the ability to convey the plasticity of the body through a flat shape. I literally fell in love with the graphics! From that moment on, my work was transformed under the influence of this artist. My works became more graphic. The lines are clearer and more meaningful. After six years of studying at the Art Academy, I received a classical art education and became an expert in graphics. I even had a couple of my own exhibitions.
As a 13-year-old, I received my first graphic tablet and started to create. The drawings back then were of acquaintances, dragons, bizarre monsters, girls in armor that I exhibited on thematic gaming forums and galleries. They noticed me at the age of 16. This was how my professional career as an artist began with people liking what you love most — drawing! A fire of joy burns in me for what I love. I am pleased to do what I adore the most and bring joy to people with my work.

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