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The closest thing to me is a book or magazine illustration, with natural, unobtrusive textures, thin lines, and harmonious colors. I compose a palette of two or three colors for each portrait that suits the particular model and creates the right mood. Sometimes I work on small details, yet sometimes the image is made up of more simplistic elements. I always note the unique features of the model's face and convey them in the portrait, even if the manner is stylized.


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My story

I started painting when I was a child. And even then, the most exciting thing for me was drawing portraits. Landscapes and other objects seemed dull to me. I loved Disney cartoons for their kindness and fabulousness. A magical world with melodic songs and bright colors carried me along for hours.

I made sketches of my favorite characters in my sketchbooks. I think this partially influenced my style. But there was something wrong with these cartoons. Too easy. The world was divided into good and evil. The motivation of the heroes' actions were not very realistic. The villain was evil because he was evil, and the good guy just helped other people. The reality was far more complicated. Such few explanations weren't enough for me. I knew that there had to be something else behind the evil and the good deeds of the heroes. This is how my interest in psychology emerged. After several years of study, I began to look more deeply at the people's characters and the characters I draw. I could invest more effort and notice their individuality, so working at Covatar was the best choice for me. I am happy that I can apply all my skills here and can continue to develop in drawing!

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