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In my work, I always strive to pay close attention to a person's unique features and peculiarities. The sparkle in their eyes, the smile, the wrinkles: all these little things make a person’s appearance special. That's why I prefer to draw in a realistic style, in realistic drawings you don't have to simplify the forms and you're able to show the emotions of the person to the fullest. I love complexity and brightness in a drawing. I often use different materials and textures to show a deeper level of detail. In my works, I try to show and tell about a person's character, the way I see them, and how I would like the world to see them.


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My story

Hi there! My name is Nastya, and I have been drawing since I took a pencil into my children's hands. It would be strange to say that I don't like to draw. It's not just my hobby, it's my lifestyle and a way to express myself through creativity. Mom wanted me to become a doctor. I'm fine with anatomy, but (oops) that's not what she meant. I remember drawing cartoon characters for classmates at school on leaflets, and I recall asking my parents to enroll me in all the arts and crafts classes. I am incredibly grateful to my parents for the fact that they supported all my creative ideas. I started with a simple one: I drew on paper and tried to understand the materials and textures. But then I found out about "digital art" and a wave of inspiration hit me, I wanted to learn digital drawing as soon as possible, but there were no financial opportunities for this. Then I downloaded a simple art program to my phone and started drawing with my finger on the screen. It took me three years to understand the concept and start doing great!

Then my parents gifted me my first tablet and there was no stopping me. With each new drawing, I increased my skill and level. I started working with different companies, communities, and just interesting people. As the saying goes: "Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life." That is why I have been working hard so far, and that is the reason why you are reading this text now. Always follow your goal and don't give up!

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