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The style of my portraits is inspired partly by book graphics, partly by hand-drawn animation. Natural textures and contours, energized lines, imitation of a pencil drawing give them a natural and picturesque look. Often the drawing is made up of simple shapes, complemented by delicate details. I am happy to use saturated colors. I try to keep each portrait in a specific range, based on the model's wishes and the natural palette of appearance.


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My story

I started drawing at a very young age and was inspired by animation, book graphics, and cinema. Drawing has become my main occupation in life, even though it brings me both joy as well as doubt. Since adolescence, I have doubted everything around me: the rules, the norms, and the respected traditions.

This approach has helped with the more objective view on reality given when you are surrounded by people who don't share your opinion from childhood onwards. I used to be so hard on myself for not being perfect and would second guess my decisions. I now try to go with the flow because it is always better than overthinking things and then regretting what you did or didn't do later. It's a freeing feeling when you allow yourself time in your day without having any responsibility weighing down on your shoulders. While drawing, I move away from rationality, from the habits of reason and doubt. I completely surrender to feelings because only they bring happiness and help to portray external and internal beauty.

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