HEY THERE! I'm Stacy

I am inspired by a variety of techniques and materials. I love using pastels on textured paper in my portraits. I also enjoy working in a manner that reminds of Disney cartoons. I can create dramatic depth or leave a picture evenly light and decorative. In any case, I always design for a specific person, trying to catch the model's features and reflect them in the drawing, making it alive and touching.


My works

My story

I had wanted to be an illustrator since childhood because of the pictures in books and magazines. I was also inspired by cartoons, mainly by Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks Studios.

They attracted me with their various character appearances and emotional palettes. In particular, what really drew me in was how they looked when they acted like themselves — their habits which passed on through them, giving off that unique personality trait! I grew up and learned how the artists carefully work on the characters to bring them "to life" so that you felt as if they were old acquaintances. After seeing this, I wanted to do it too! Nowadays, I'm part of the Covatar team, where we get a chance at portraying unique personalities in roles that suit their features perfectly!

Let's create an amazing portrait together!

Join us on the creative journey to your very own piece of art.

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