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The aesthetics of my portraits are close to poster graphics. You can also catch the vibes of video games in it. I use geometric shapes, bold styling, and richly contrasting colors. As a result, my style reminds of Cubism or Constructivism but in a fresh way. Due to active spots and streaks of light, my portraits live and move. Usually, a person's figure is made up of expressive forms. I rarely use contours to further emphasize and highlight the model.


My works

My story

I have always loved to create my own worlds, draw dragons and wolves, and imagine myself as one of them. When I was nine years old, video games appeared in my life. Ever since that time, they took over all my free time. It wasn't just what the game had in store. It was more about curiosity!

That is one of the main features I pay attention to — being curious about many things, from reading articles, listening to lectures, and watching films to playing video games. It was hard for me not to feel like an outsider since it was hard for me to find like-minded peers. I didn't like "girly" things like dolls, cosmetics, dresses, heels, and romantic movies. I was always very surprised with the number of love songs existing. It became clear with age that I was not really excited about relationships, family, or romance. I still think there are a lot of things much more interesting in the world. For example, the art that I have been doing for about 10 years. I really like different genres and unusual techniques. I like to experiment and want to get into the gaming industry. It's nice to finally live the way I want and do what makes me happy.

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