I create stylish, minimalistic portraits with restrained and harmonious colors. Sometimes I like to add texture and imitation of drawing with living materials by hand - it makes the work more natural and relaxed. I usually don't use a lot of colors in a portrait. It helps to express the mood and the individual's personality more clearly. People and their emotions in my paintings are sincere and natural. I try to describe the everyday beauty of each of them.


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Hi, my name is Seraphima! I was born in a small village in the Arctic Circle. Drawing is not just what I do — it's a part of me. My parents couldn't understand why anyone would want to paint all day when they can eat and sleep without any effort, but that didn’t stop me from drawing on every surface available — walls, cabinets, books (with great ease), even on other people if the opportunity arose!

I'm glad that my mother worked as an art teacher and was sympathetic to my experiments. Living in a small village without television and the Internet, my favorite toys were paper dolls that she drew for me. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about her. She died when I was eight years old. I am very grateful that she instilled a love for creativity in me. I was very antisocial and quiet in school, but drawing helped me make new friends and cope with different experiences. I love to create new things. I originally studied how to draw in college, and it became a way for me to communicate and express my emotions when words couldn't come out. After graduating from university, I wanted to get a creative job so much that I began freelancing as an artist. Nowadays, my life revolves around creativity because every day is different here at the Covatar. We transform photos into beautiful art pieces with professional quality and style.

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