The main features of my style are delicate, neat, and expressive. I love soft lines, shapes, and textures, while I'm not shy about using deep, intense colors, glowing contours, and unusual contrasts. The people in my work are realistic, but sometimes I like to stylize the appearance, highlighting recognizable features and making the portrait more emotional. I rarely use outlines, which makes the images look like oil or acrylic paintings.


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My story

I was always drawing when I was a kid. You'd see me drawing all the dinosaurs like triceratops and brachiosaurus in my sketchbooks because they were my favorites as a child. My childhood was pretty ordinary. I had several friends, and I studied hard.

Of course, there were times when other children teased me. They stretched their eyes with their fingers (mocking me) and called me names. I tried not to pay attention to it. My mother was worried about my health, so she had me enrolled in ballet school. I hated it. After every lesson, I would collapse into bed and not move for hours afterwards because of how hard the lessons were on my body! But despite all that suffering, I never quit. After a long battle with myself (and sore muscles), I graduated from a prestigious dance academy to pursue an art degree at a university where people were more understanding than ever before. It was truly a place where you could be yourself without judgment from others. At the age of 15, my health began to deteriorate. I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, which landed me on a group 3 disability. Drawing had always given me an escape from reality when things were at their worst in my life. It's more than just work — drawing is what I do best!

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