HEY THERE! I'm Ramaha

I create portraits in pixel art style, making them resemble the avatars of characters in an 8-bit video game. This style is part of my vision because creativity is both a game and a mystery at the same time. I like simple abstract forms where everyone can see something of their own. The colors I use support the video game theme - rich and fairly dark backgrounds help the character's figure to stand out the most.


My works

My story

I love the simplicity of a silhouette when you can think through an image to create a story. It's like coming up with something about someone who looks like your friend, but you just don't have glasses on and can’t see them clearly. My work is just a kind of game in which I involve other people, and they complement it!

For example, I like to tattoo my friends because it makes me happy knowing they have these permanent reminders on their bodies. It doesn't matter how wild-looking the tattoos are! As long as we all come together creatively, then there must be some meaning behind it. Tattoos are sort of like photographs captured by the film. They're always warm somehow, even if it's dark outside.

Let's create an amazing portrait together!

Join us on the creative journey to your very own piece of art.

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