HEY THERE! I'm Paokai

My main tools are luscious yet stylish colors, little catchy details, and minimalist art. I express the model's persona by creating a character in the portrait that could be seen in a comic book or cartoon. My work is laconic and you won't find anything extra in it. It's optimistic, full of calmness and joy. I try to show everyday life excitingly, reflecting the important little things that make up our life.


My works

My story

When I was little, my parents kept all of the drawings that I made. They had to have found it really cute when they saw many wavy lines in assorted colors with no meaning that started magically turning into cats and dinosaurs! Then one day, we got this new computer for my mom's office. She put on some crazy game about dragons with tons of sound effects and big flashing pictures, probably more impressive than anything else available at the time. It may sound silly, but somehow those games consumed me forever!

I remember very well how I was waiting at my dad's office for these black and white pictures with dragons from the Internet to be printed on his work printer. Later I painted them or just admired these beautiful details! I drew dragons every day, adding more details, making the design more interesting, and just enjoying the process. Over time, this immense love for dragons transformed into an obsession with drawing itself. My parents didn't understand what drove me to draw pictures all day long and paint them over and over again. Every time they looked at one of those new drawings or paintings, they would say something like, "You're really improving!"
But I knew better than anyone else how much more detail each drawing held — even if its form remained essentially unchanged. I didn't forget how it all began but continued looking for inspiration in something new. For me, that meant comic books and stories about people. I'd read them and come up with some of my own sketches, followed by bringing the drawings to life on paper! I drew portraits of heroes in great detail, and now Covatar allows me to see different people and draw them, too!

Let's create an amazing portrait together!

Join us on the creative journey to your very own piece of art.

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