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The colors of my portraits are restrained and elegant, and the painting style makes my models look a bit like Disney characters. I highlight the figure of a person with contours and light, direct all attention to the facial features, expressions, and remarkable details. Despite the cartoonish graphics, I like to make faces look voluminous and lively. Light, graceful lines coexist with striking color strokes. This combination adds movement and depth to my drawings.


My works

My story

According to my grandmother, I took a pencil before I started walking and draw meaningful pictures before I could speak. My grandmother was the only person who believed in my talent and destiny unconditionally. My parents thought that "an artist is not a profession" so, at the age of 6, I was sent to a music school.

Still, already at 8, I took my drawings to an art school nearby, and I was accepted without exams. I graduated from art school with honors and a personal exhibition, my parents were very proud. Still, the question of further art education was not considered. I was preparing to enter medical school.
Two years before leaving high school, I was intensively engaged in biology and chemistry with university teachers, but 3 weeks before the entrance, I accidentally came to the architectural one. And yes, I again applied without my parent's knowledge, and for 3 weeks for 8 hours, I drew the head. I had to choose right away - entrance exams at the medical university and drawing at the architectural one were on the same day. And I went to the second one. When the parents found out there was a scandal! To somehow restore peace in the family, I entered the Faculty of Law.
For 6 years, I studied at two universities simultaneously: full-time in architecture and part-time in law. I had 6 years without a vacation. I received two diplomas at the same time. Wouldn't do that again today. After graduation, I worked as a lawyer for a year. And then ... I quit my job and became a designer in an unknown newspaper, not knowing a single graphic program! I studied directly at the workplace with colleagues. Six months later, I got a job as an illustrator at an advertising agency. Two months later, I became a lead character designer at an animation studio. I drew cartoons for 5 years. Then I went through another training and became the art director at the largest advertising agency in the world. In 2013 I gave birth to my first son, and it turned my world upside down. Since 2014, about 20 children's books with my illustrations have been published. Now I am an illustrator, mother of Leo and Teddy Bear! I live with my family in Israel :)

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