I'm happy to combine elements of different styles. I take something from each one that'll give a unique flavor to my work. Many of my portraits are painted as if in watercolors, with pencil details and lines. It helps me find a balance between the overall shape and essential exciting elements.

I also like to use light in the form of sunspots, blurry highlights, glowing contours, which gives the drawings almost magical charm. Portraits tend to be closer to natural colors, but I also find harmony in neon and catchy tones.


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My story

My name is Rita, and I am one of the illustrators on the Covatar team! When people first see my drawings, they usually think that someone else did it. But actually, these are all done by me!

I have always loved to draw but was pressured into law school because of what others thought would be best for me. I finished law school and became a real lawyer. That didn't suit me at all, though! As I was searching for myself, it gradually led me to meditation. There were many bonuses: vegetarianism, new acquaintances, books, and a trip to India! Smoothly and naturally, I joined the Hare Krishna movement. It brought me so many adventures! After my wedding experience (when all of this began), I felt more free than ever before. I started doing only what I truly want. My favorite thing is drawing, and Covatar has noticed it too. I know how important it is to explore your talents and find the best way to help others. I'm excited that my work could help someone else. Thank you for reading!

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