HEY THERE! I'm Laura

My philosophy as an artist is joy and pleasure from life and art. Therefore, my style is soft and comfortable. It imitates natural materials - oil or dry pastels and pencils. Each work consists of strokes and spots. I almost don't use contours and create a comfortable color palette that emphasizes the beauty and charm of a particular model. I love the decorative elements, natural motives, and large expressive patterns that decorate the portrait and give it a finished look.


My works

My story

It's funny, but in art school, where most students are female, we would often hear that a woman is unlikely to become an artist. It made me angry, but it inspired me to work harder — I became friends with unique, creative girls. I learned what sisterhood really means. We supported, praised, and encouraged each other! I think the stress of constant critique by my mentors affected my mental health when I forgot about what I wanted from art.

The art process helps me to calm down and reduce my anxiety. My current style in digital drawing was formed from my love for traditional materials and long work with them, so soft spots are closer to me than lines. With their help, I try to bring a little coziness to each work and convey the personal charm of the model.

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