HEY THERE! I'm Kordari

I want to tell you a little bit about the way I paint. I’ve long searched for a style that suits my skill and my «sense of the world,» and I realized that the kind of semi-realism combines everything I need.


My works

My story

I like to create pictures similar to what each of us sees with our own eyes, but I also want to add a little detail and a kind of highlight.
Before I begin my work, I’m carefully studying the shot I received from you. I try to notice small details and understand the person I’m going to draw. I’m looking at the facial expressions and additional details to create something unique that will please you and satisfy your wishes. When I begin to paint a portrait, I use various tools that simulate traditional painting materials on relief canvas. Every stroke in my work is filled with a soul and feelings I experience when working on a portrait. Be sure to get a lovely picture that will give you a smile and warm memories! I was born in 2003 in a small northern town. I've been praised for my drawings since I was a kid. As funny as it sounds, after my mentor complimented me on cutting out a really cool round piece of paper and setting an example for the other kids, I realized that art is what I want to dedicate my life to.

Then I started working a lot and painting even at night. I modeled with polymer clay, painted the walls in my brother's and my rooms, crocheted, drew with paints and pencils, made candles, and much more. My mom noticed my passion for drawing and sent me to art school. She supported me as best she could. In 2016, my mom passed away. She left me with the warmest memories, helped me grow as an artist, and instilled a creative mindset in me. I'm grateful to her for everything.
Drawing helped me make many new acquaintances and find my true self.

Let's create an amazing portrait together!

Join us on the creative journey to your very own piece of art.

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