HEY THERE! I'm Julie_Jul

I create a unique style that consists of textures or patterns on the background, and combinations of colors and shapes. The colors of my works are often restrained and warm, and people's faces are filled with an inner light. I like to notice those people's features that make them unique - I call it everyone's personal aesthetics. I am happy to use floral and natural motives, fancy ornaments, and light accents in my works. I'm very attentive to the character and preferences of my models.


My works

My story

It's very common to assume that artists always have a rich imagination. It is mostly true, but I wouldn't same the exact same about myself. I've always found my main inspiration from the things around me. As a child, I always kept different notebooks where I drew pets, different stages of a flower's blossoming in detail, trees at every angle so admirable that their qualities stand out more prominently.

As I expanded my social circle with age, I began to see the beauty in people different from me. I would always make sketches of them on public transport, on the streets, or in shopping malls. In fact, many of these strangers have become one of my closest friends now!

Let's create an amazing portrait together!

Join us on the creative journey to your very own piece of art.

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