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The keyword for my style is decorative. I'm not afraid to use the most colorful combinations and many details. These elements always add up to a harmonious and complete picture. I love and know how to use patterns, bold color spots, unexpected contrasts. My drawings are often very light, but I also make the dark range rich and varied. Confident contours, unusual shapes, and poses create different dynamics. My portraits can be viewed for a very long time.


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My story

I have always had an interest in drawing. It seems that my first memory of it is drawing in coloring books in kindergarten. My serious interest in visual arts started when I first bought W.I.T.C.H. and "Knights of the Rainbow" and saw what beautiful things you can create yourself.

Then there was art school, a lot of self-study, and suddenly the graphic design department that led me to consider getting the bachelor's degree. In the end (spoiler), I still returned to the illustration and continued working on various pictures. Several life events led me to do this with the beautiful Covatar team! In the image, as in real life, there is tremulous joy and unpleasant anxiety, so I have collected for myself a few tips and reminders that help keep afloat in difficult times:
1. Appreciate and love yourself, regardless of the results of your creativity and work;
2. Enlist the support of your loved ones;
3. The only person with whom you need to compare yourself is you in the past. The same is applied for creativity;
4. Do not scold yourself for mistakes because these are actually not mistakes, but experience;
5. Self-study and curiosity are components of a good result;
6. Envy is a good feeling if it helps to move forward and learn new things that ultimately bring benefit;
7. It is essential to have a hobby where there are no obligations in the form of customers and deadlines. For example, I fell in love with the punch & needle technique and sometimes make rugs. This is a somewhat meditative process that helps a lot to turn my head off and just relax;
8. Let unsolicited and subjective criticism pass by. There is no value in it;
9. Do not regret anything. Whatever our choice in the past was, we always (consciously or not) choose for ourselves the best and most comfortable option within the possible ones;
10. Remember to stay active!
11. The weekends are sacred.

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