HEY THERE! I'm Darlin

Hey there! I’m Darlin. I enjoy drawing, especially illustrations and portraits, and I include many other mediums to combine the two art directions. One of my favorite aspects is carefully selecting the color palette for each work, which allows me to create a unique atmosphere through color and fill the portrait with love, joy, awe, and even endless tenderness.

It’s essential to be very attentive to the character of everyone I draw, and I enjoy adding details to reveal the inner world and personality of the subject person or animal in the portrait.

I aim to make my customers and and their loved ones happy with my work and strive to become a craftsperson for their love on the canvas. I particularly like to hide small details in my portraits so that when the viewer finds them, they think “wow, what did I find? I wonder if I’m the only one who noticed this!”


My works

My story

Since childhood, I’ve been fond of drawing. I first enjoyed drawing cartoonish animals and then moved onto drawing my favorite characters from the Disney universe. In many ways, these cartoons inspired me to become an artist. I later went on to study in art school, then moved on to study art at the university, learning how to draw from life, illustration, and design along the way. It allowed me to open myself to the world of children’s book illustration. It was a massive new world that I immediately fell in love with, and it’s a big reason why I still incorporate some particular illustration styles in my portraits.

Ironically, when I was at the university level, I could hardly draw a portrait, so I took it upon myself to study hard and get the audience’s attention. My path toward being the portraitist I wanted to be was laid! I continue to incorporate digital and traditional styles in my sketches and works and look forward to making so much more in the future.

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