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Emotions, technique, and general aesthetics of the image are essential for me in my work. There's nothing excessive or unimportant in my portraits - I pay great attention to details. I'm happy to draw recognizable facial features, strands of hair and eyelashes, small accessories, and jewelry. I prefer smooth, precise shapes and neat textures. I like detailed patterns and dramatic, rich colors. But even in restrained, pastel colors, my portraits turn out to be deep due to the contrasts of brightness, shadows, and highlights.


My works

My story

I've loved to draw all my life, as my father also drew in my family. He had a big album that he created himself with various illustrations and ornaments around photographs. Once I was given the book Howl's Moving Castle as a gift, which made a big impression on me since I first laid eyes on it at 6 years old.

Gradually, I fell in love with Japanese animation. Almost no one had the Internet during those years, so you could only watch your favorite series on TV, meaning most people recorded anime for their friends if they missed out! I tried to copy my favorite characters from cards and stickers that I bought and collected on pieces of paper. Probably everyone went through a period of redrawing female anime characters, but mine was an obsession! My vision grew worse by the age of 13 because I was secretly drawing at night with my flashlight. My parents caught me a few times, but it didn't stop me at all. It only made me more determined not to let them get in the way (and they probably boosted my skills)!

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