My main tools are luscious yet stylish colors, little catchy details, and minimalist art. I express the model's persona by creating a character in the portrait that could be seen in a comic book or cartoon. My work is laconic and you won't find anything extra in it. It's optimistic, full of calmness and joy. I try to show everyday life excitingly, reflecting the important little things that make up our life.


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My story

I've been painting almost all my life. As a child, it was a way to escape from reality and relieve stress. I have always had fairly high anxiety. I took many pieces of paper and used them to come up with different stories and characters.

My parents didn't have to entertain me. I did it myself. Of course, I reflect much more on what and why I want to draw, but this is still the same escape from anxiety and reality. I can express my emotions. People do not go to drawing, and even more so to art, without any reason. This is always very personal and about pain. And it's great if you have a way to express it without harming yourself and others. At the age of 12, my parents gave me the graphic tablet that I had dreamed of. Then I was very into anime and animation in general, so it seemed like an easy choice to start drawing on it all day long. However, despite how much time I spent practicing with this device, my skills were weak, and I wasn’t able to capture what I wanted! But after 15 years, things changed when I decided not to do anything besides art and study various traditional techniques such as oil painting or learning more about classical paintings by artists, for example, Gustav Klimt, among others.

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