Colour and light are paramount in any of my portraits. My artworks most often convey something warm and moody, striving for realism. I also like to use soft brush strokes and outlines, adding a sense of sincerity. I have a passion for unusual facial features. Usually, I focus on the eyes of the person as I see them as a reflection of the human essence. All my work is done with trepidation and the desire to make someone a little happier.


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My story

My name is Anna, and If I could describe myself in one word: I'm an artist. It's something that has followed me since I was born. As a child, I used to get paint on all the sheets and surfaces I could find, my face, my hands, and I was delighted. Luckily, my parents brought more and more sheets, and that's how I realized that this is exactly what people call "life's work." And that's what life is all about - drawing has taught me to see deeper and brighter, led me to incredible encounters and events, and teaches me to this day the idea that there are no boundaries.

I am madly in love with my work. It's those moments when time stands still, and my head gets a chance to slow down, to relax. I also love the people with whom and for whom I do portraits. I always paint with my heart and put a piece of myself into every job, getting a massive return from experience, gratitude, growth, and emotion. I want to improve myself, make the world around me a better place, and leave my mark on it. I'm happy to do that through creativity, being part of the Covatar team, and creating style and quality with the most talented people for you.

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