In a few words, my style is clean, light, and minimalistic with subtle details. I like the effect of a soft pencil or pastel. I like to combine simple shapes with colorful patterns. I can also create volume and depth using highlights and delicate shadows. Soft, fuzzy contours create a sense of immediacy and serenity.


My works

My story

Nobody told me that you gain a lot of happiness and purpose when a child is born, but you lose freedom. The level of anxiety has risen to the ceiling, and it seems that it'll stay like this until the end of my life!

My involvement with art makes me forget about the lack of freedom. Many didn't understand why at the moment I had baby asleep instead of resting in bed or catching some minutes for myself, I furiously stained paper with paint, took online masterclasses, and participated in art challenges. At those moments, I felt free, so I wanted to give them all to creativity.

When my daughter was born, I felt a great need to show her that a woman can do what is essential and exciting. My little girl will grow up seeing how important and impressive art can be. Even if mommy has some troubles figuring out what should come next on canvas sometimes...

Let's create an amazing portrait together!

Join us on the creative journey to your very own piece of art.

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