Ok, we admit it... the space we work in is overcrowded with competitors of different types and levels with varying standards. But we’re different. Seriously.

A face-to-face comparison of our products clearly illustrates our level of quality as it compares to the other guys.

 Quality of drawing
Approach to drawing Hand-draw the picture from scratch Trace existing photos and use automatic filters
Value of artists’ work Covatar artists apply their vision and personalized forms into their art Copy the photo they receive - no creativity
Customization Fully customizable Not customizable
Freedom of creativity Wanna ride a flying unicorn surrounded by your favorite flowers? Easy! Nope.
Available styles Over 45 unique art styles and counting! Just one… maybe a few... and boring
Who’s drawing? REAL LIFE artists vetted and managed by experienced art-directors. A design studio approach Some dude in a basement on Mars… Who knows?
Exclusivity & uniqueness Each artist’s monthly capacity is only 30-70 portraits. You always get a unique piece of artwork Mass marketed to thousands of people who will all have identical stuff
MIscellaneous, but still important
Price Reasonable and affordable for the level of quality Overpriced - like they use golden ink or something
Delivery method Digital version first and then print You gotta buy a low-quality souvenir or nick nack
Print on demand After receiving your portrait, you’ll receive a unique link with more than 30 custom gifts, home decor items, souvenirs, and clothing products.Don’t need any custom stuff? You can always print the picture out at a nearby print shop Low-quality souvenirs required with purchase. One per order
Customer Support Chat, social media, email.Fast and responsive. Always Email which may as well be snail mail. Slow and mostly unresponsive
Social responsibility We donate and give $5 of each purchase to charities and communities No.
Reviews Real tweets from real people. See our reviews Mostly artificially generated.