Part 1: Purchasing products

How do I place the order?

Covatar Market is a regular marketplace, and we thrive to provide a convenient and familiar customer shopping experience. Think about our marketplace as Amazon but for personalized gifts.

You can explore thousands of products, items, styles, and variations and add them to your cart. When you’re ready to buy, just click on the cart button and start the checkout process. It’s simple as 1, 2, 3.

STEP 1: Decide which way you want to go

Get a digital version only

This is a great option. Your Covatar can be used as a profile picture and you can send it to someone else virtually. Remember, you can always get back to us later to get this printed and delivered. Or you can go to your nearest print shop and have it printed there.

Get it printed and delivered to anywhere in the world

We offer a gazillion unique, high-quality home decor, souvenirs and apparel products. Let’s have your portrait created, approve it with you and print it on the products you have chosen from our catalog. Good news! Free delivery for orders over $100.

Gift cards or certificates

Looking forward to making a unique gift but short on time? We offer a wide selection of gift cards and certificates. You can send e-gift cards virtually or print it yourself. Send a physical card and deliver it anywhere in the world. Surprise a loved one or a special someone with a beautifully packaged card accompanied by a postcard. Let your recipient participate in a fun, engaging and unique art creation process.

STEP 2: Choose your product, service package and style. Don’t forget to Pay!

Have the time of your life deciding which product and style suits you best. Then, choose a service package for your future portrait, determine the number of characters, and decide on a unique style. Choose from 45 unique graphic styles!

With the Premium service package, you can take control over our creative process and add your vision at every stage of the process.

Pay securely using various payment methods that include payment installments, wire transfers, money orders, and popular cryptocurrencies.

STEP 3: Submit answers to our quick questionnaire and upload reference photos

After the payment is processed, you’ll receive a link to a secure questionnaire page.

We'll need a few reference photos for all characters in your future portrait, some basic information about you, and other details for your future artwork.

A digital version of your Covatar will arrive within 7 to 21 days, depending on the service package you choose. Need it fast? We offer express delivery options for a digital version of Covatar.

STEP 4: Receive your portrait!

When a digital version of your portrait is ready, we’ll send it to you on the email you provided us with.

You can now share it on your social media and send it to your friends and family members as a gift.

If you purchased a portrait printed on a physical product, we’ll ask you to confirm the final version of the portrait before we print it and ship it your way.


Our collaboration never ends after we deliver your order. Take a look at the post-delivery support options below! Feel free to get back to us via email or website chat and ask about future upgrades.

Add details, characters or change the way you look

Changed your hairstyle or reimagined your wardrobe? Need to remove your ex or add more people? Or want to add your little furry buddy? We’ll be happy to update your digital portrait.

Get alternative versions of background or colors

Travel the world (or even the universe) without a need to leave your portrait. We’ll be happy to customize your digital portrait background for different occasions and add other scenes. We can also change and adjust the colors to match your mood.

Get it printed and delivered to your door

If you only purchased a digital version of your Covatar, then you can get back to us via email or chat and we’ll be happy to create a custom order using home decor and souvenirs from our catalog.

You can also ask us to get your Covatar printed and deliver it to your parents and friends around the world. Why wouldn’t they like a great piece of art too? :)

How do I pay, and what payment methods are available?

After you start the checkout process from your page, you’ll need to provide some basic contact information. After you fill all the required fields, you’ll need to choose one of the payment methods available in your country and pay.

We offer a variety of convenient and secure payment methods that you can use for checkout. 

Instant electronic payment methods

Credit and debit cards: VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, JCB, ELOOne-click EXPRESS payment options: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay & Facebook PayPayPal Express CheckoutAmazon PayAliPay Direct PaymentsCryptocurrency via CoinPayments.net

Instant financing options

We also offer 0%* financing options in equal installments via ShopPay and Klarna. With these options, you can get unique personalized gifts now and pay for them later. 

* Financing is only available to US customers. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) depends on your personal financial history, credit score, and other factors. We strongly recommend thinking twice before purchasing any items via financing.  Please refer to the general terms and conditions of ShopPay and Klarna.

Manual payment methods

We also offer manual payment methods. It’s especially convenient for customers who want to purchase our gift products for business or have limited access to primary electronic payment methods.

Bank Direct Deposit.When you choose this payment method, you can wire Covatar Inc with the total amount charged. We will provide you with our bank information so you will know where to deposit your payment.  It usually takes three (3) banking days before the funds appear in our account. We’ll proceed to the questionnaire step and gather information for your order after it has been processed and cleared.Money Order.When you choose this method, you’ll need to send the money order to the following mailing address:

Covatar Inc.

ATTN: Money Order

2244 Oak Grove Rd #30306, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Answer Content

Please be aware that this payment method typically takes more time to process (usually up to 10 calendar days from sending the money order). You are responsible for the shipping expenses (e.g., postmarks, envelopes, money order fees). Once the payment is fully processed, one of our team members will reach out to you about the next steps.

What taxes are included in my purchase?

The California Sales Tax is automatically applied to your order and is always reflected at the checkout page in the price breakdown section.

How do I apply a promo code or voucher to my order?

If you have a discount or voucher code, you can apply it to your order in your cart or during the checkout. You can use this code for most of the products on our marketplace.

Please note that specific terms and conditions apply:

  • Discount codes can be used only within specific timelines. Expired discounts cannot be applied to your order
  • Discounts for specific products and collections apply to these products and collections
  • Only one discount applies to your order.
  • Discounts and vouchers cannot be combined.
  • Discounts cannot be applied to the following types of offers: Bundles, Buy More & Save More
  • Discounts cannot be applied to add-on products, usage licenses, and more.
  • Discounts cannot be applied to products that include the Basic package
  • Discounts cannot be applied to shipping and handling fees as well as tips
  • Discounts cannot be applied to purchases that you make with vouchers
  • Any promo discounts posted on this website and other resources don’t apply to business or wholesale orders. We offer flexible bulk pricing and custom solutions for businesses on a case-by-case basis. Please contact sales@covatar.com to discuss your project.
  • Discounts cannot combine with vouchers or gift cards & certificates. We also don’t offer cash refunds on these types of products for unused quota.

Covatar Market reserves to cancel vouchers and discounts at any time without prior notice. We do not take responsibility for any unsanctioned discounts given to you from another party without our prior written approval.

Avoid scams! Do not purchase vouchers from unauthorized resellers. We’re not responsible for these sales. If somebody offers you a cash value voucher for a “good” price, contact our support immediately at help@covatar.com

My discount or voucher code doesn’t work. What should I do?

Most likely, your discount code has expired. If you believe that this is a mistake, please contact our customer service team at help@covatar.com. We’ll be happy to take a deeper look into your problem and help you.

How do I tip my artist in advance?

Artists love tips because it adds to their total income. All tips go to our artists. If you’d like to tip your artist, there are two (2) options to do this:


In advance during the checkout process.You can choose between the following options: 10%, 15%, and 20%

After receiving a digital version of your portrait via email, we’ll include a link to the tipping page in the email.

How much do your artworks cost?

The pricing depends on many factors, and we always show it upfront on the product pages. Please note that these prices don’t include any potential discounts, shipping fees, or sales tax.

What currency are the prices shown in?

We set the United States Dollar (USD) as a default currency on our website. If you live in another country, additional currency conversion fees may apply, and charges may apply by your issuing bank. Please consult with your bank or payment source issuer about exchange rates and conversion fees.

How can I use artworks purchased by you? Do you have license agreements?

The artworks we produce are incredibly affordable and not intended for business, commercial, or reselling activities. By default, every graphic design product on our marketplaces comes with a personal license. We would like to be clear that you can only utilize artwork obtained from Covatar Market for personal use, including a Personal license. 

We advise against harmful practices that involve obtaining materials from creators for personal use to get lower prices and then repurpose the same for business activities or by gaining direct profit. 

We follow widely established ethics and never allow the usage of affordable art to generate profit and personal/business gains. 

We sincerely ask our customers to respect the hard work of our creative team and artist and use the graphic materials according to the usage tier they paid the money for. Part of the proceedings from the license sales go directly to the artists.

You can use our artworks for Business, Commercial, or Reselling purposes by obtaining a correct license from us with an additional fee that must be paid in full before you start using the artwork for your specific needs. 

Examples of the Personal license allowable use cases:

  1. Gifting a voucher to your friends, family members, co-workers so they can obtain an artwork themselves
  2. Gifting the final image to friends, family members, colleagues where they will be utilizing it for personal use
  3. Using artwork as an avatar or user profile picture in private social media profiles 
  4. Using printed artwork on home decor, apparel, souvenir item and utilizing it for personal use or giving it as a gift. You can print one artwork several times to provide these items to friends or family members or simply use it for your personal needs. We do not allow mass printing with further distribution for marketing, business, and commercial purposes.
  5. You can give or transfer your personal license to another person. If this person wants to use the artwork for Commercial, Business, or Reselling purposes, this person will need to contact us at license@covatar.com and obtain the specific license for his use case license. 


Examples of prohibited use cases: 

  1. Using this image on professional websites and streaming platforms which are treated as an income stream. For these purposes, you need to obtain a separate Business use license.
  2. Using the image for marketing campaigns, printing on marketing materials, using on business/non-profit organization websites, etc. These activities require you to have a Business Use License.
  3. Gifting portraits to business partners, community members, and so on. These activities require you to have a Business Use License.
  4. Mass printing of artwork on wearables, home decors, and any other merchandise to resell it. Such activities require you to obtain a Commercial Use License.
  5. Reselling digital artwork to other people (for example, NFT or other digital goods marketplaces and stock photography platforms). In this case, you need to obtain the Reselling/NFT License.

If you want to learn more about licensing, please contact us at help@covatar.com. We’ll be happy to assist you with choosing a suitable license for your case.

What’s your refund policy?

We offer refunds on open orders without submitted questionnaires and only within a 24 hours window after submitting the questionnaire and reference photos.

We don’t offer refunds on creating artworks due to the nature of the product - it’s made to order. But we’re always happy to help you adjust the artwork, and for portraits, we will ensure that all characters look like themselves.

Part 2: Delivery timelines, service packages, order customization, and add-ons

What kind of Covatar digital portraits do you offer?

We offer a wide range of portraits and artworks made for you. You can create unique hand-drawn artworks for individuals and couples, small and large families, big groups of friends, co-workers, kids. You can also get amazing portraits with you and your pets or simply standalone pet portraits. Please explore our catalog to see all products and services we offer on our marketplace.

How can I get a full-body portrait?

At Covatar, we always create a bust portrait by default (upper part of the body). It helps us to optimize the price and make it affordable for you as a customer. 


We also offer a full-body portrait option. You can choose it on eligible products by using a switch above the “Add to cart” button. It’s located near the service package switches. If you want to get a full-body portrait, just switch it to the full-body mode. Remember that all full-body portraits come in the rectangular (16:9) format. Please let us know in advance if you need to make it in the square (1:1) format. 


Please be aware that the total cost of your future portrait will significantly increase as full-body portraits are more challenging to create. This includes human anatomy, additional details, and twice more space to draw and fill with beautiful things. Full-body portraits typically take about 2-3 longer than regular ones to create.

Can I order a digital version of my portrait first and then get it printed later?

Yes! You definitely can. After you receive your order, you’ll be able to get back to us for printing services. We’ll be happy to assist you in getting your digital portrait and artwork printed on 100+ unique home decor, apparel, souvenir items. 


With us, you can safely get your product shipped to over 160 countries around the world via USPS, DHL, UPS, or FedEx. You can explore the catalog of our printing products here and get some inspiration.

When and how will I receive my order?

Delivery timelines depend on many different factors: seasonality, product type, the service package, number of people, add-ons, revisions, printing and handling, shipping, and delivery. 


Please check the estimated delivery dates under the “Add to cart” button on the product page. We also list the actual delivery guide for each product type (digital or physical products) in the “Delivery Time” tab on the product page.


If you have any questions regarding delivery times, please contact our support team.

I’m short on time. Can I get my order faster?

Our standard delivery time for digital portraits depends on the type of package you choose during the purchase process:

  • Premium: 7 calendar days if we receive feedback & approval for each step on time
  • Standard: 14 calendar days
  • Basic: 21 calendar days


If you’re short on time and need to get your gift as soon as possible, we can help you with your gift & deliver it faster. For your convenience, we offer three (3) expedited delivery options. 

You can see all the Gift Card options here. 

If you’d like to do everything yourself, please read this quick guide to the expedited delivery bundles below. We offer a variety of flexible options to you.

The FAST delivery bundle
  • Timelines: 7 calendar days from submitting the questionnaire with reference photos
  • An additional fee is $40/portrait.
  • Perfect for portraits purchased within the Basic and Standard packages
  • Special conditions on a number of characters in the same portrait: 
    • Up to 7 characters: $40 regular fee
    • From 8 to 15 characters: $100/portrait fee
    • From 15 to 25 characters: $200/portrait fee
    • From 26 to 40 characters: $400/portrait fee
  • How to add this bundle to your order:
    • Add the following add-on product to your cart. If you purchase several portraits and want to apply the expedited delivery to all of them, you need to buy the add-ons for each of them.

The EXPRESS delivery bundle
  • Timelines: 2 business days from the moment of submitting the questionnaire with reference photos. Special conditions apply. Please check them below.
  • The regular fee is $70/portrait.
  • Perfect for portraits purchased within the Basic and Standard packages
  • If your portrait has the Premium package included, we’ll still go through the whole approval process. Still, we expect you to communicate with us fast and efficiently to deliver the order on time. Please see the terms of the EXPRESS delivery bundle for the Premium package portraits here.
  • Special conditions on a number of characters in the same portrait: 
    • Up to 4 characters: $70 regular fee, two (2) business day delivery
    • From 5 to 8 characters: $180/portrait increased fee, four (4)  business days delivery
    • More than nine (9) characters: the EXPRESS delivery bundle is not available.
  • How to add this bundle to your order:
    • Add the following add-on product to your cart. If you purchase several portraits and want to apply the expedited delivery to all of them, you need to buy the add-ons for each of them.

The LIGHTNING delivery bundle

  • Timelines: 36 hours from the moment of submitting the questionnaire with reference photos
  • The additional fee is $200/portrait.
  • Perfect for portraits purchased within the Basic and Standard packages
  • Not available for the Premium package portraits.
  • Special conditions on a number of characters in the same portrait: 
    • Up to 3 characters: $200 regular fee, 36-hour delivery
    • From 4 to 7 characters: $400/portrait increased fee, 48-hour delivery
    • More than nine (9) characters: the LIGHTNING delivery bundle is not available.
  • How to add this bundle to your order:
    • Add the following add-on product to your cart. If you purchase several portraits and want to apply the expedited delivery to all of them, you need to buy the add-ons for each of them.


Important information about timelines for revisions and printing services

Please reserve 2-4 calendar days to provide you with necessary edits after receiving a portrait. Each edit request cycle takes up to 2 calendar days. We usually do our best to provide our customers with the revised version as soon as we can, but please allow our team to take some time to make them. 

If you plan to purchase a printed version of a portrait or print it yourself, including the fulfillment and shipping time on top of our production timeline for the digital version of your portrait:

  • If you plan to print it yourself, please consult with your printing provider.
  • If you plan to use our high-quality print-on-demand services, please add at least seven (7) calendar days that shipping and handling can take. Delivery time for physical products depends on various factors: seasonality, final destination, the correctness of provided shipping information, and more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via one of the following methods & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

  1. Send an email with your questions to help@covatar.com
  2. Leave a text message or voicemail at +1 (212) 452-5656
  3. Send us a quick message via chat located at the bottom right corner of this page
Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with one of our team members here.
Important tip! If you’re short on time, we strongly suggest purchasing a gift card from the Covatar Market. We offer a variety of gift cards and certificates that will fit any budget. Your recipients will be able to redeem them on a product of their choice from our marketplace, and our customer success managers will be happy to guide them through the process.

Can I add people or pets to my portrait?

Before adding the product to your cart, on the product page, just click on the special fields related to the number of humans or pets that you want to add to your portrait. Please choose the specific number of people and pets you would like to add to your future digital portrait. Then add the product to your cart.

How do I choose a service package?

By default, we set the Standard service package for digital portraits in a specific graphic style made by a particular artist from our team. You can switch to the Premium package right on the product page before adding it to the cart.

You can also upgrade to the Premium package after the purchase. Please note that we do not offer a downgrade option from Premium to Standard due to the nature of our creative process for Premium package orders.

Important note: If you’re on the products with Covatar Basic package included, switching to Standard or Premium packages is not available. But when you add the product with the Basic package included to the cart, we’ll offer you to upgrade your experience.

I already purchased a Covatar portrait in the past. How can I update it? Can I add a person, change background, color, attire, details after the portrait is delivered?

Yes, you can! We create truly unique and fully customizable artworks so we can manipulate them in many exciting different ways. If you want to receive different versions of your portrait after the delivery, just contact our customer service team with details. Such changes are always subject to additional charges because our team will be taking time to implement these edits. 


More fun customizations

Add details, change your outfits, get different background. All of this is possible with Covatar!

Need last minute gifts?

We offer a variety of expedited delivery bundles to help you get unique gifts even if you’re short on time.

Experience the process

Participate in our proprietary creative process by adding your vision, ideas & approving your artwork on every step.

Please note that we don’t offer style changes or body/face composition redrawing as this requires recreating artwork from scratch. In this case, you will need to purchase a new artwork from our marketplace.

I purchased a group Covatar portrait before, but now I want to receive individual portraits for some or all characters in the picture

If you want to split your group portrait into individual portraits, we’ll be happy to do it for you. Please shoot us an email at help@covatar.com with details. Such changes are subject to additional charges, and we’ll be charging on a per-person basis.

How to get a portrait in a specific style?

If you want to get a portrait in a specific style, please explore the catalog of our artists and styles here.

Please note that the style selection option is only available for portraits purchased with the Standard or Premium packages.

What is included in the digital portrait product?

The digital version of your portrait includes a digital file in *.PNG format. Each portrait is made in raster, but we also offer vectorizing services for an additional fee. 

Depending on the number of people/pets or your services package, it comes in different sizes:

  • Original Resolution (1000px × 1000px, *.PNG). Perfect to use in social media and print on small objects (mugs, Christmas ornaments, laptop stickers, etc.)
  • Standard Resolution (1750px × 1750px, *.PNG). Great for printing on medium sized products and objects (e.g. t-shirts, small size canvases and posters, notebooks, etc.)
  • High Resolution (2500px × 2500px, *.PNG). Perfect for printing on regular-size posters, large canvases, t-shirts and other products.

You can request digital artwork in high resolution for a fee. And these are reviewed on a case-to-case basis. Contact us at help@covatar.com with your detailed request, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Part 3: About NFT avatars & usage

What's an NFT Covatar?

NFT avatar by Covatar is a hand-drawn illustration made exclusively to order. You can customize it with details, custom backgrounds, unique skins, and more.

The most important part is that an NFT avatar created for you will be minted to you via Opensea and registered on the blockchain. This way you'll be able to verify and proof your ownership as well as transfer it to another person or resell on the Opensea.io marketplace in the future.

Please note, if the image is not minted from the Official Covatar account at the Opensea.io marketplace, you don’t have a right to mint it therefore don’t have an active NFT license.

What's included in the NFT Covatar packages?

When you purchase a Covatar NFT, you'll be able to choose between 2 packages: Standard and Premium.

Each package includes different features, scope of work as well as different delivery timelines. You can learn more about the packages here.

I want to get it minted somewhere else. What do I do?

Currently, we only offer minting via Opensea.io. Please follow our news for further updates and additional platforms added.

Why is minting important?

Minting is the most important part because it confirms your NFT license. To be treated as NFT, every artwork purchased via Covatar must be minted to your wallet on the Opensea.io platform from our official account. NFT license will not be active if a Covatar artwork was minted from any other account. Minting a Covatar artwork without a written approval from the Covatar NFT team is not allowed and is treated as copyright violation.

Each initially created Covatar NFT avatar includes an NFT license for this specific picture. Learn more about licensing options here.

How to pay with cryptocurrency via Coinbase Commerce?

We process crypto-payments using Coinbase Commerce. If you want to pay with cryptocurrency, just simply proceed to checkout. Do not use Express Checkout options.

Submit contact information for your order, choose shipping method if applicable, and click on Coinbase Commerce as your payment method. After clicking “Complete order”, you will be redirected to Coinbase Commerce to complete your purchase securely.

How do I link my NFT Covatar to my Twitter account?

Please follow these instructions here.

What's the difference between NFT Covatars and custom NFT collection creation services?

NFT Covatars are digital avatars purchased from covatar.com and were minted from the Official account of Covatar on Opensea.io. Custom NFT collection is a white-label service that we offer to our customer. Within this service we create complex NFT collections that require more research, preparation, and other activities. This is not limited to avatar creation and can include animation services, character development and more.

How do I upgrade my NFT Covatar with different details, skins, backgrounds?

When the initial NFT Covatar has been created, you can come back to us and request alternative backgrounds, skins, colors, custom animation, and more for an additional fee. Please note, each new alteration of your NFT Covatar will be minted separately and will require an additional fee for each variant.

If I have an NFT license, can I use this image for commercial purposes? E.g. printing on t-shits or anything else.

NFT license doesn’t allow you to use the image for commercial purposes. If you want to use image for commercial activities, please reach out to us via email at help@covatar.com to learn more and obtain the commercial use license.

Please note that with NFT license, you can transfer your NFT avatar within the NFT marketplace.

I don’t want to have an avatar of myself but I have an idea for a character. Can you create it?

Yes, we can. Although it’s not included in the packages. If you’d like to learn more about custom NFT creation and character development services, please reach out to us via email at sales@covatar.com

Part 4: The creation process and receiving the order

Will I get to see the portrait before it’s ready?

For products purchased under the Basic and Standard package, we do not offer the ability to see the version before it’s ready. This helps us reduce portraits’ costs and keep the prices reasonable and affordable for you as a customer.

Although, if you want to approve preliminary results, designs, and concepts, we strongly recommend purchasing a portrait with a Premium package included. You can also upgrade from the Basic and Standard package to Premium within a certain amount of time after submitting the questionnaire with references photos.

I changed my mind about the style. How can I change the artist who will be working on my artwork?

Changing artists after submitting a questionnaire can only be done under certain conditions and depends on the service package and add-ons you purchased during the checkout process.

For Basic package: You’ll need to upgrade to the Standard or Premium package within the first 72 hours to choose a specific style and artist. You are subjected to additional charges when you change artists after this deadline.

For Standard package: You can change an artist for the first 24 hours after submitting the questionnaire and reference photos for free. Afterward, changing an artist will be subject to additional charges.

For Premium package or orders with the EXPERIENCE bundle: When you purchase this package, we do not allow the changing of the artist as we are working on the sketch version right away to deliver it to you on time for your approval. Changing an artist is subject to additional charges and can cause delays in the production process.

Changing an artist or style after the portrait is ready: We do not allow such options due to the nature of our product (it’s made to order and by hand). In this case, you’ll need to purchase another artwork with the correct style. We do not offer or apply any credits or vouchers in such cases, but you can use publicly available special offers and discounts.

Please note that you change an artist only once.

Will I receive a printed version with this digital portrait?

No. Only the digital version of the portrait is included in this product.

We’re a digital-first company and give our customers the flexibility of purchasing a digital version of our products. This gives you the flexibility to choose your printing provider, using or sending it virtually to your friends, family, and loved ones.

If you want your artwork printed right away, you can order physical print-on-demand products from our gift marketplace. We offer over a hundred unique items for you to get your artwork printed on. Our team tests each item for quality, then we print it for you and shipped globally to over 160+ countries. To customers from the United States, we offer free delivery for print-on-demand orders from $100.

What if I don’t like my portrait? What’s your revision policy?

Please note that some edits & revisions might be subject to additional charges. For example, if you didn’t clarify specific information in the questionnaire or want to get the work done, that is outside the scope of the service package you purchased. Another example would be providing us initially with old, low-quality, and outdated photos that don’t match our guidelines or incorrect information (e.g., names, text for calligraphy services, and so on).

We always include the edits related to the resemblance in every package. Our goal is to make sure that people drawn in artworks look like themselves. Please note that we expect you to follow our current revisions request guide, elaborate on details, and collaborate with us. We reserve the right to refuse service to rude and uncollaborative customers. The creative process is always a two-way communication process, and we always make sure to provide you with all essential information and help you, but we can not read peoples’ minds. :)

Part 5: Corporate, Bulk, and Wholesale Orders

I want to purchase portraits for my corporate event

If you’d like to get portraits for your corporate event, please contact us with details at sales@covatar.com or schedule a free consultation with our representative here. 

We help hundreds of business clients, non-profits, and government agencies with custom & unique gifting projects for their employees, team members, business partners, conferences guests, and more.

Do you offer bulk discounts on portraits?

Yes! We do. Please contact us at sales@covatar.com with details of your project, a short description of your needs, or a list of ideas. We’ll be happy to help you!

I want to resell your products in my store or marketplace. How do I do that?

We’re happy to partner with retailers and can offer tons of unique items for dropshipping as a supplier. Please contact us at sales@covatar.com to discuss this opportunity.

I’m a wholesaler, retail chain, or distributor. We want to sell your products in our stores! How do we start?

Let’s do this! We’re working with many brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, and other retail locations and offer our products there. Contact us at sales@covatar.com. Let’s discuss the terms and ideas of implementing our unique gifts to the list of your offerings.

Part 6: Other questions

How do I contact customer service?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via one of the following methods & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

  1. Send an email with your questions to help@covatar.com
  2. Leave a text message or voicemail at +1 (212) 452-5656
  3. Send us a quick message via chat located at the bottom right corner of this page
  4. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with one of our team members here. 

Please note that we’re available to assist you from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Is my personal information secure?

We never sell your personal information to anybody. We don’t want this done to us, so we never do this to others. 

On top of that, we have a lot of standard operating procedures that we use to ensure that only specific people have access to the sensitive information you provide us with.

Part 7: Need help with graphic design for you or your business?

I have an idea for a custom illustration but can’t find the product on the marketplace

Covatar Market focuses exclusively on providing individual consumers with unique gifting experiences high-quality personalized gifting products. 

If you need help with custom graphic design, creative or illustration services for you or your business - this would be relatable to the service that we provide under our Sketchy Digital studio. Sketchy Digital is a graphic design studio that helps small/medium businesses and large corporations with creative, high-quality design solutions and projects.

It can be anything from a custom comic or illustration for a website to complex visual content marketing projects and execution. We also help with visual strategy, branding, logo design, guidelines creation, and more. Check out the Sketchy Digital official website.

If you’d like to discuss your custom project, feel free to schedule a free 30-minute consultation in our calendar. One of our team members will be happy to give you advice (free of charge) and discuss your ideas.

You can also shoot an email directly to sales@sketchy.digital with details about your upcoming project.

I want to open an apparel store and need a lot of help with creative prints. Can you do this?

Yup! We also run Merchandice, where we help content creators, non-profits, businesses, and entrepreneurs like you to create amazing prints for their dropshipping business. On top of that, we help with the store setup and day-to-day operations. We’re good at that. 

We’ve been working with hundreds of content creators, business owners, entrepreneurs, and organizations and helped them create unique digital prints for their collections, establish additional sources of income, and manage their day-to-day operations.

If you’re ready to discuss your project, please schedule a free initial consultation here or shoot us an email at sales@covatar.com.

Part 8: A content creator? A brand? Let’s partner!

You guys are awesome! Who can I talk with about a partnership opportunity?

We love our partners, and we love to establish more partnerships to collaborate with businesses and like-minded people to achieve our greater mission of empowering artists around the world while giving regular folks access to high-quality creative graphic design and illustration. 

If you’d like to chat with us about partnership opportunities, please email us atpartner@covatar.com. We’re excited to discover what we can do together!

I’ve heard you’re running the Content Creators Support Program. How can I learn more about it and potentially join?

Yup! We do :) We’ve partnered with amazing content creators and helped them establish their online business, boost connections with their fans and create unique merchandise and swag. 

We do all of that while taking all the financial and commercial risks ourselves to ensure that content creators won’t have to choose between paying the rent and investing in their side income. We are content creators ourselves, and we know the struggle.

You can learn more about the program and check the eligibility requirements here. If you think you’re an excellent fit for our program, feel free to send us an application from this page!

Please be aware that due to the high volume of applicants to the program, we take some time to review each application thoroughly, and it takes us some time to get back to you with information about the next steps.