HEY THERE! I'm Meomur

I'm still searching for my style, now inspired by artists working in semi-realism/realism. In my portraits, I try to capture as much similarity to a person as possible to reflect their individuality and unique traits. As an artist, I create pictures with tone and color, paying attention to every part of the face. I also try to consider the composition and planning and focus on important points, thanks to high detailing. I convey the mood and atmosphere with a selected color palette, making each portrait even more special.


My works

My story

I've been fascinated by animation since I was a kid. I liked how the artists used different visuals to express emotions and the characters' personalities. I was fond of the way they conveyed an idea to the viewer. It stirred my imagination. I think that's what led me to draw and made me want to learn how to do the same magic. At first, I copied various drawings and went to art school, but I didn't stay there long. In high school, I took individual classes with an artist, where we repeated the basic elements of drawing, and I was reacquainted with watercolor. I loved it!

Six months before I applied to university, I realized I wanted to choose a creative career, but I didn't have enough time to prepare well. Eventually, I went to college to do publishing. Still, my desire to paint only increased, and I became more interested in different styles and genres, paying special attention to portraits.

I was interested in the creation of character art, concept art, animations, fan art, and illustrations. In 2018, I got a graphics tablet, and a new world of CG art and its possibilities opened up for me. I learned what tasks an artist solves when developing computer games and creating movies/cartoons.

But portraits became my most beloved art thing. It makes it possible to reflect the appearance and the person's inner world. We are unique in our features, shapes, plasticity, looks, and moods. I'm so glad I can convey that subtle beauty that makes your heart skip a beat. I'm very excited about collaborating with Covatar, and I'm happy to work with so many talented and great artists!

Let's create an amazing portrait together!

Join us on the creative journey to your very own piece of art.

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