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I love to live a beautiful chaotic life rather than sticking to a boring routine! Doing my best to show it in my art.
Hey there! I'm Olga
About me
I started drawing when I was 8ish years old. On my 23rd birthday, I got inspired and realized that illustration is my true passion.
Cartoonish with focus on hair structure, and eyes
Esotericism, fashion, and learning new stuff.
When I was 5
I wanted to become an archaeologist, but then a veterinarian.
Impulsive, like a gust of wind, with emotional ups and downs.
And more...
I'm always having passion to constantly create something new.
My Covatars
Let's create your Covatar together!
Get one for yourself, make a portrait with your loved ones, or even of your pets. I'll be personally working on your covatar. $5 from your purchase will be donated to a charity of your choice.
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For small families
For children
Get it for yourself or make a unique gift for your best friend, bae, or grandma.
We'll draw you with your furry buddy...or perhaps with an imaginary one?
Immortalize your love with a gift for your best friend or bae.
Have a family of 3? Let's sketch y'all together to make a lasting memory.
Get a beautiful and funny portrait for your child. Or one of each!
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