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Thank You! We got your payment.
Now, we just need to learn a little bit about you.
We sent a copy of your transaction receipt to your email. Now, we just need you to complete a very quick questionnaire. It'll help us to create the best Covatar possible for you! Please, answer the following questions and provide any additional details that you would like us to include in your avatar.

If you don't want to submit the form now, you can always do it later. We'll follow-up with the link to this page via email. That way, you can come back as soon as you feel ready.

If you need to upgrade this order, or have any questions related to the questionnaire, please contact our support via the chat window located at the right bottom corner.
Guide to reference photos
If you want to get the best experience and the Covatar that you will love, you have to invest a little bit of time in this questionnaire. Please read these requirements carefully and attach pictures in the questionnaire below following these rules. You can upload up to 10 photos.
Clear close-up picture
Facial features must be fully recognizable. Avoid blurry photos, or photos with sunglasses, face coverings, or hair hiding your face.
Good quality lighting
Lighting plays a huge role in the final result, it helps to highlight important parts. Bad lighting can alter your look in the most unexpected ways.
Only up to date pictures
You may like your graduation or wedding pictures, but it's important to us to know what you look like today. Also, modern cameras provide much better detail.
Multiple angles, take a few selfies
We strongly suggest you to take several fresh selfies from different angles. These can be even pajama style. We work from home too.
Love yourself in these photos
Only send pictures that you love yourself in. This highly influences how you are going to perceive your Covatar.
Your order
Please, complete this questionnaire
Your email
Upload your selfie or any other photo
You can attach up to 10 files. Please give your device a few minutes to make sure all the pictures were processed and uploaded before submitting the form. Make sure that photos are recent and that your face can be clearly seen (no sunglasses or face coverings). If your plan includes more than 1 person or animal in the picture, make sure you submit pictures of each subject while following the same guidelines. Otherwise, these characters won't be included in the picture. No full or partial refunds/exchanges will be provided. If you get a Covatar for yourself, we strongly recommend that you take 3-5 selfies right now, near a source of natural light using different angles. Poor quality reference photos may lead to delays or lower quality results.
Include links or nicknames to your social network profiles
We'll use this information to create a better avatar for you and to tag you in our posts.
What are your favorite colors?
Well use them in your Covatar. You can mention general colors (red, blue, yellow) or be more specific (ebony, pale blue, etc.). If you dont any preferences - just skip this field.
Hair color and style
Please describe hair color and style for every person in the picture
Eye color
Please describe each persons eye color
Optional: Provide up to 2 details that you would like us to incorporate in your avatar
These details could be related to your profession (radio reporter = headphones), favorite flowers or plants, specific locations, or cultural references. Do not include any details that are protected by trademark laws. You can leave this field empty if you want just a beautiful portrait of yourself.
What a U.S. based charity do you want Covatar to donate $5 to from this purchase?
If you want us to choose a charity - just leave this field empty! We'll make a donation randomly and include it in our public report.
Please review all of the information you included in your questionnaire. Make sure that all facts are complete and that your pictures contain clear and recognizable faces. Incorrect data may lead to delays in delivery date. If you want to add more information or correct something, you'll have only 12 hours to do so after submitting this form.
By submitting this form, you give Covatar consent to store and use the submitted data. You will also be added to our email list, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.
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