On this page you can select the style for your future portrait from the list of 45 unique styles, or just stick to random and save $11! If you need to add more people or pets, please, take a look at other plans or contact support via chat.

Hand-drawn portrait for 2 people

Choose your unique style

Handmade from scratch

Fully customizable

With your unique individual features

Creating a family portrait is easier than ever with Covatar. We can even draw your entire large and rambunctious crew - even if they’re all living in different places! The digital portraits are perfect for holidays, weddings, birthdays or any occasion at all. And it’s easy to customize the design - you know that big extended families need more room! You’ll be able to print them on canvas like you might have done before but now you also get options of creating holiday cards, books full of memories and souvenirs too.

Participate in the process with the EXTRA package

Random style
We'll pick a style and assign your order to first available artist from our team (100+ styles). Please note, you can't request a specific style under this plan. No refunds or exchanges will be given.
Add an element of mystery in your future portrait and save $11 with our random style option. We’ll pick a style for you and assign your order to first available artist from our team.
Popular artists
Sima's style
Mild tones, pastel colors, smooth lines and smooth textures.
Anastetique's style
Expressive cartoonish style, bold and vivid colors, funny face.
Kichi's style
Sketch-based style, realistic face features, balanced colors.
Polinavur's style
Soft and earthy colors, classic portrait style, accent on details.
Perfect for families living in different countries
Afi's style
A mix of cartoonish and realistic styles, soft and pastel colors.
FILKIT's style
Natural materials, earthy and pastel colors, smooth lines.
Leewerrey's style
Realistic, pastel tones, earthy colors, smooth textures.
Ami's style
Realistic, grunge tones and textures, distinguishable line.
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Loved by remote teams
Snooppul's style
Soft colors, mild textures and shades.
Varya's style
Expressive cartoonish style, soft colors, funny face features.
Viktoria's style
Expressive cartoonish style, bright colors.
Arthur's style
Realistic style with strong textures.
Get it faster
Control the process
Print it on souvenirs
Enhance your Covatar experience and buy these add-ons after purchasing your portrait
Participate on every stage of the creation process and make your vision real. Learn more.
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Use our print-on-demand services or print your portrait anywhere you want. See examples.
Need your portrait faster than 14 days? No problem. For a small delivery fee of $40, you can receive it in 7 days. But if you’re extremely short on time, we advise you to purchase a two-day delivery option for $70.
The EXTRA package includes the following benefits:
• 7 day express delivery
• Participate in the creation process by providing feedback on each production step.
• Approve preliminary results and request fixes.
• Personal customer success manager
• Priority support via email
• Complimentary printable version of the portrait
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Perfect as a gift for parents & grandparents
Misha's style
Flat style with smooth shades, pastel colors.
Sobito's style
Accent on details, washed-out and clean colors, smooth lines.
Katie's style
Mild tones, pastel colors, smooth lines and canvas textures.
Miriam's style
Realistic and detailed, bold colors and textures.
Covatar in numbers
Portraits created
Experienced art directors
Talented artists
Loved by small and large families
KAT's style
°irsch's style
Bright and bold colors, thick lines, contrasting shadows.
Classic anime style, bright colors, smooth lines, highly detailed.
Musya's style
Expressive cartoonish style, pastel and soft colors.
Julie_Jul's style
Expressive cartoonish style, soft colors, funny face features.
Great for printing on a canvas
Sasha's style
Nika's style
Semi-realistic, vivid colors, geometric textures.
Semi-realistic style, soft textures, vivid colors.
Alex's style
Realistic look, vivid colors, traditional paint texture.
Yaaawny's style
Realistic, pastel tones, earthy colors, smooth textures.
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Here's even more amazing artists
Malyar's style
Realistic style with smooth lines.
Tertery's style
Flat style,pastel colors.
Chimkoko's style
Mild tones, pastel colors, smooth lines, soft and smooth textures.
Tkach's style
Smooth lines, cartoonish style.
Lipi's style
Mild tones, pastel colors, smooth lines and textures.
Paokai's style
Semi-realistic style, grunge textures, mild tones.
Nastasian's style
Semi-realistic style with interesting textures.
Solleos's style
Simplified face features, geometric patterns, mild tones.
Ramaha's style
Pixel art, 8-bit style, bold shadows, abstract shapes.
Aniartix's style
Pastel colors, soft lines, variety of textures.
Unicorn's style
Light colors, soft textures, semi-realistic face features.
Pervotsvet's style
Soft and pastel colors, semi-realistic style.
Uliana's style
A mix of cartoonish and realistic styles, soft textures.
Yana's style
Detailed drawing, bright outlines.
Lina's style
Expressive cartoonish style, soft and pastel colors.
Ksu's style
Semi-realistic, grunge tones and textures, distinguishable line.
Shimori's style
Light colors, smooth drawing.