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Covatar for 1 person and 1 pet
Choose your style
Each unique style represents the author and is provided for general reference. You can choose which one fits your personality the best. If you don't know what to choose — just trust us to choose it for you and save $6!

Please note that under this plan your future Covatar will have only 1 person and 1 pet in it. If you want to have more people or pets, please, take a look at our other options.
Important notice
These pictures are just samples that were created to demonstrate difference between styles. Your final Covatar isn't going to look exactly the same because it will incorporate your unique features and details that you provide us with. You can see more real-life examples in our Hall of Fame.
Tamri's style
°irsch's style
Sima's style
Tim's style
Our art directors will pick out the best style that fits your personality.
Natural materials, earthy and pastel colors, smooth lines.
Bright and bold colors, thick lines, contrasting shadows, cartoonish style.
Mild tones, pastel colors, smooth lines, soft and smooth textures.
Simplified face features, geometric patterns, balanced colors, mild tones.
Out of office
Save $6
Random style
KAT's style
Sita Rani's style
Annfable's style
Afi's style
Classic anime style, bright colors, smooth lines, highly detailed.
Cartoonish style, smooth and soft textures, playful feeling.
Children-book style, bright colors, simple shapes.
Simplified style, earthy tones, pastel colors, natural materials feeling.
Morsioul's style
Soft and pastel colors, classic portrait style, blurred edges.
Ramaha's style
Ryamson's style
Pixel art, 8-bit style, bold shadows, abstract shapes, low level of details.
Expressive cartoonish style, pastel and soft colors, accent on lines and shapes.
Anastetique's style
Expressive cartoonish style, bold and vivid colors, funny face features.
Alice's style
Accent on details, washed-out and clean colors, smooth lines.
Pervotsvet's style
Soft and pastel colors, accent on shadows and details.
TINCH's style
Lipi's style
A mix of cartoonish and realistic styles, soft colors, accent on details.
Gentle lines, calm and soft colors, romantic feeling.
Varya's style
Expressive cartoonish style, soft colors, funny face features.
Each unique style represents its illustrator and is provided as a general reference. The final product may vary depending on the perspective, composition, color palette, tones, lighting, line thickness, brushes, details, etc. The quality of reference photos you provide to us, your device screen or even your mood can also affect your perception of the final product. Please note, that Covatars are not naturalistic portraits and full photographic resemblance shouldn't be expected. If you want to see more examples, please, check out the portfolio of avatars we created for other customers.
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