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Gift certificates for Covatars
Covatar is always a great gift. On this page you can purchase a gift certificate and give the receipt number to your friends, family members, or colleagues. Whenever they are ready, they can simply reach out to us with the receipt number, and we'll create a great portrait in any style they love and donate $5.
Gift for 1 person
Gift for a pet owner
Gift for couples
Gift for a small family
Gift for children
Gift for pets
Get a Covatar for yourself
Choose one of our 10+ available styles or trust our art directors and save $6.
For individuals
For pet owners
For two people
For small families
For children
Get it for yourself or make a unique gift for your best friend, bae, or grandma.
We'll draw you with your furry buddy...or perhaps with a favorite animal?
Make a cute portrait with your best friend, parent or a loved one.
Get a memorable family portrait with your partner and kids.
Get a beautiful and funny portrait for your child.
For pets
Get a picture of your furry buddy.
Most popular
Need more people or pets in your Covatar?
Please contact us via the chat window located at the lower right corner of this page.
Gift certificates
A great and memorable alternative for traditional gift cards
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