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What is a Сovatar & how can I use it?
Covatar is a custom illustration created by a professional artist. It can be used in many different ways for personal purposes:
  1. Profile picture - Covatar is the best way to express yourself on social media and make your friends go "whoa!"
  2. Best gift ever - Don't know what to get someone for their birthday… or any other occasion? Well, now you do!
  3. Family picture - Craft a beautiful digital portrait of your loved ones and then hang it up!
  4. Custom souvenirs - Print Covatar images on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more. Get one for yourself or as a gift for someone.

* Covatars are prohibited from any kind of commercial usage. If you would like to use it for your business or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to
I want to order 15+ personal Сovatars. How can I make a bulk order?
We’re extremely happy that you’re considering us! Please email your request to Our customer support manager will be happy to help you with your bulk order.

Please note: orders are considered bulk only if 15 or more avatars are purchased.
I purchased a gift certificate for a friend. How can they redeem it?
After you purchased a gift certificate, simply give them your receipt # and have them contact us via the support window on our website. We’ll gladly take care of the rest :)

Please note: one gift certificate means one portrait with a specific number of characters on it. If you would like to gift several portraits, you need to purchase several gift certificates separately, one per recipient.
How do I tip an artist?
In the email with your Covatar, you will find a private unique link that will help you leave a tip for your artist. It will go directly to them! You can use the link multiple times :)

Can I get Covatar faster than the standard time?
After you fill in the questionnaire, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can get a booster for your order ($70). We'll accelerate the production process for your Covatar from 10 to 2 business days for less than 4 people in the picture, for 5+ people - 4 business days.
What is the standard delivery time for my Covatar?
It usually takes us up to 10 business days to create the final product. If there’s an emergency such as your artist getting sick or needing personal time off, you’ll be notified through email about the delay and will be given the option to choose another artist. You can always contact us via the support window on our website to request a booster ($70). Our customer support manager will be glad to assist you.
I provided an incorrect email address. How do I change it?
If you provided an incorrect email address, please contact us via the support window on our website. Our customer support manager will send you a form to complete.
Please note: it’ll take us up to three days to execute your request.
I have a special request for my Covatar that doesn’t fit the guidelines. What should I do?
You can address your special request via the support chat window on our website or email it to
What's a Covatar EXPERIENCE Bundle?
Covatar’s range of services is effective and loved by our clients, but we decided to take our customer service experience to the next level by offering a look inside the art creation process and directly participate in it. If you'd like to participate in our proprietary production process and give us your feedback during production, we offer a special bundle that includes some cool perks and bonuses:

• 7-day express delivery
• Participation in the creation process by providing feedback on each production step
• Preliminary results approval and edit requests
• Personal customer success manager
• Priority support via email
• Complimentary printable version of the portrait

Here’s the production process that you will be able to participate in:

Step 0: Receiving initial information and reference photos
Step 1: Sketch version (Day 1 + 24 hours for approval and special requests)
Step 2: Clean draft version (Day 3-4 + 24 hours for approval and special requests)
Step 3: Final version (Day 5-7)
You’ll also receive a special link to the Covatar store with pre-made products with your portraits. The best part? With orders $100+ in the store you’ll receive a complimentary free delivery (USPS or UPS) + free mug as a gift from us with your portrait on it.

How do you create Covatars?
Covatars are hand-drawn illustrations created by our professional artists. Each illustrator teams up with an art director and customer success manager to create the best picture for you. We use a strict agency-level production process to ensure high-quality work. Our company guarantees high-quality work of specialists at all levels of our cooperation with you. We hope you will be happy with the result :)
How can I get a Covatar?
If you ordered a Covatar, you’ve made one of the best decisions of your life. Here’s a brief instruction on how you can do it.

The process is simple:
  • Go to
  • Select your option
  • Choose how many people or pets you would like in the picture. By the way, you can also have landscape and house pictures created!
  • Choose your style or go random and save $11
  • Click “Purchase” and you’ll be redirected to our secure payment page on
  • Submit payment details or use Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Stripe Fast Checkout. Have a discount code? Don’t forget to apply it!
After successful payment, you’ll be redirected to the questionnaire - an essential step.

How do I receive a Covatar?
You’ll receive your Covatar via email. In your email, you’ll also have two private unique links made just for you to use. Only you will have access to them. They will include additional information on how you can leave a gratuity for your artist and how you can upgrade to a high-resolution printable file.
How do I apply a promo code?
For mobile devices:
1. Go to the checkout page of the product you'd like to purchase
2. Click on the "View details" button located in the right top corner of the page
3. In the dropdown menu, click on the "Add promotion code" button
4. Type or paste your promo code in the field and click "Done"
5. The discount will be applied automatically and you will see the updated price right away.

For web browsers:
You can find the promotion code field in the left section of the page.
Is the order value refundable?
Since the product is created specifically for you and cannot be used otherwise, we are unable to provide refunds. Each Covatar is hand-painted by an artist and we respect their time and effort. However, you can always ask for edits so that the final result satisfies you!
How do I choose a style for my Covatar and what is a random style?
When you’ve decided on your Covatar plan, you can select the style for your portrait from the list of 45 unique styles (cartoon, semi-realistic, and many more) or just stick with random and save $11! Random style means that we'll pick a style and assign your order to the first available artist. If you want to change the style, please contact us via the support window on our website within 24 hours after submitting the questionnaire for free. If more than 24 hours have passed since you submitted the questionnaire, please note that it will require a purchase of Major edits.
This option is not available if changing from a random style to a specific style.
How do I fill out the questionnaire?
After you make a successful purchase, you’ll receive an email with a private and unique link to your questionnaire. It'll help us to create the best portrait for you! You will need to answer the following questions and provide any additional details that you would like us to include in your avatar. If you don't want to submit the form right away, you can always do it later. We'll follow-up with the link to this page via email. That way, you can come back as soon as you feel ready.

The questionnaire fields:

  1. Email address: we use the same email address you provided during checkout.
  2. Links or nicknames to your social network profiles: we'll use this information to tag you in our posts. This also serves as another contact option in case you provided an incorrect email address.
  3. What are your favorite colors? - We'll use them in your Covatar. You can mention basic colors like red, blue, yellow, etc. Be more specific and creative with colors such as ebony, pale blue, salmon, or whatever you like. If you don't have any preferences, just skip this field.
  4. Hair color and style - Please describe the hair color and style for each person in the picture.
  5. Eye color - Please describe each person's eye color.
  6. Provide up to 2 details (optional) that you would like us to incorporate into your avatar. These details could be related to your profession (radio reporter = headphones), favorite flowers or plants, specific locations, or cultural references. Do not include any details that are protected by trademark laws. You can leave this field empty if you just want a beautiful portrait of yourself.
  7. To which U.S.-based charity would you like Covatar to donate $5 of your purchase? If you want us to pick a charity, just leave this field empty. We'll select a charity at random and include the contribution in our public report.

By submitting this form, you give Covatar consent to store and use the data you submit. You’ll be notified by email when we successfully receive your questionnaire. We’ll also add you to our mailing list, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.
I accidentally closed the questionnaire page. Where do I get a link?
After successful payment, you’ll receive a unique link to the questionnaire in your email. If you can’t see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you didn’t receive it, or if you provided an incorrect email address, please contact us via the support window on our website. Our customer success specialist will send you a link with the questionnaire or a form to fill in so you may correct your email address.
What is a standard Covatar file size? How is it different from the printable Covatar file size?
Our standard Covatar file size is 1000 x 1000 pixels (px). You can use it as a profile picture on various digital platforms. Our printable Covatar file size is 2500 x 2500 px (8⅓" X 8⅓", 300 dpi) that you can use on t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and more for a small fee of $10.
How can I add more people or pets to my order? I can’t find it on the website.
If you decide to add more characters to your Covatar, please contact us via the support window on our website. You’ll be asked to send your receipt #, then our customer support manager will send you a link for adding an additional person ($50 per adult or child) or pet ($35) to your order!
If I purchase a portrait of several people, can I also receive separate portraits of each person?
So, you would like to purchase a group portrait of several people and have separate Covatars for each person created based on the group portrait? Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate such requests at this time. The reason: we create each portrait from scratch and establish the general composition. If you would like individual portraits, we suggest you order each solo portrait separately and customize them as you wish.

Get a Covatar portrait now

Get a Covatar for yourself, gift it to your loved ones, or even order one for your pets. Choose one of our 45 available styles or go random and save from $21.

Portrait for your, your friend, or a family member.
Perfect gift for your better half, parents, and BFFs.
Memorable portrait of the whole family! Up to 10 people.
An adorable portrait of your pet or you with your pet.
Popular portraits
Gift certificates
Cute & beautiful portraits of your kiddos! Up to 10 people.
Memorable handmade portrait of your home.
Turn your favorite photo into a handmade piece of art.
A great and memorable alternative for traditional gift cards
Design stuff for your business?
Covatar for Business
Work in HR or events? Or a manager and want to surprise your team?
Get custom made portraits for your employees, team members, and co-workers. Perfect for teams of any size: from small startups to corporations.
We’re the creators of the Sketchy Business graphic design and illustration studio. If you need something more than portraits, we’ll be happy to handle it for you!
Trusted by Microsoft, Nasdaq and more.
Trusted by hundreds of small businesses & corporations!

Participate in the creation process with EXPERIENCE bundle

• 7 day express delivery
• Participate in the creation process by providing feedback on each production step.
• Approve preliminary results and request fixes.
• Personal customer success manager
• Priority support via email
• Complimentary printable version of the portrait

Get a first-hand experience, work closely with our production team and take control over your future portrait creation process with our EXPERIENCE bundle. Included in the Premium Package.
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Covatar makes high-quality digital art accessible by connecting people with professional artists around the world.
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Covatar makes high-quality digital art accessible by connecting people with professional artists around the world.
Covatar (Covatar Inc.)
2244 Oak Grove Rd #30306 Walnut Creek, CA 94598 United States
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in Marin County, CA
© 2020 Covatar. All rights reserved
Phone (currently voicemail only): +1 628-215-0565
We're available from Monday to Friday, 9 am-6 pm, PST