To fill questionary correctly please use this guide

QUESTION #1: Primary photo for your portrait

What is a “primary photo”? It’s your photo standing out of the rest, and it’s the primary reference of you for the artist to make your gorgeous portrait. It’s the photo in which you like yourself and your look (your hairstyle, foreshortening, etc.) the most. The face should be the main focus of this photo and should be seen clearly.

A slight hint: your image will vary depending on how close you position the camera. Keep this in mind when choosing your photo.
If you take a selfie, check if the photo is mirrored. It’s not always possible to understand it if there are no inscriptions on the picture. Otherwise, the artist may depict the features of your appearance (hair parting, bang position, piercing, birthmarks, etc.) from the wrong side.

QUESTION #2: Secondary photos for your portrait

Secondary photos are complementary pictures for the primary photo. You can take them from different angles so we can better understand your facial features, but their foreshortening will not be accepted for the portrait.

There are some recommendations for you to understand what quality of the photos is acceptable to make your fantastic and similar portrait.

QUESTION #3: Order of people/pets in your portrait

This question is for people ordering group portraits. Please specify the exact positions of every person or pet on the portrait. If it’s not significant for you, just skip this question.

You can also specify the size of your pet and its position relative to humans in your portrait (how you want to “hold” it in the picture).
For example: please place the persons in the following order: male with gray hair on the left, the dog in the middle, the woman with the red hair on the right

QUESTION #4: Describe your hairstyle and hair color

Hair can looks and be styled differently in different photos. We need to understand what hairstyle you would like to see in your portrait, the structure of your hair, what color it is, etc. So you don’t have to experience a bad hair day.

QUESTION #5: Describe eye color

Sometimes the eye color is not clearly visible in the photo, especially if the eye’s iris has several shades.

Please, describe it so we can depict your beautiful eye color precisely as in reality.

To help you better establish the color, we made this image:

QUESTION #6: Attach a reference photo for an artistic background

If you want to add your logo on the background or to use the portrait for your podcast - please attach some references for it.

P.S We have an excellent add-on, where you can order different backgrounds!

QUESTION #7: Add details about the artistic background

If you attach a photo in question #6, please describe more specifically how you imagine your artistic background.

For instance: “Oh, I want the foot of the Eiffel Tower on my right on the background of the night sky with a large number of white five-pointed tiny stars! And the full yellowish moon illuminating my silhouette from my back.

QUESTION #8: Tell us your favorite colors if you want a simple/minimalistic background

If you want to add your logo on the background or to use the portrait for your podcast - please attach some references for it.

We also have an add-on to color your portrait in different colors!

QUESTION #9: Add a reference photo for clothes

If you don’t want to be dressed in clothes from the primary photo, please attach a reference photo (your photo or picture from the clothing catalog) of your desired outfit for the portrait.

QUESTION #10: If you attached a reference photo to the previous field, please describe it in this field

If you attach a reference photo to the previous question, please describe what you would like to show in the attire in your portrait - color, pattern, style, etc. - or to change something instead. Please keep in mind that the artist will simplify clothes to draw all the attention to your face.

QUESTION #11 Body and facial details

If you have any facial features and details making your style (glasses, tattoos, accessories, birthmarks, scars, etc.) and want to show or hide it on your portrait deliberately, please describe its presence and position in detail or point out what shouldn’t be included in the portrait.

QUESTION #12: Customize your portrait with up to two little details

Please answer this question clearly and in detail.

For instance: instead of “I like unicorns”, write “I want a brooch in the form of a unicorn”.

If you like unicorns but don’t know how to implement it in the portrait, you can leave it to the discretion of the artist and trust us.

QUESTION #13: Add a reference photo of all details mentioned in the previous field.

Please, attach the reference photo of the “unicorn” :)