We’re a digital-first company and give our customers the flexibility of purchasing a digital version of our products. It gives you, as a customer, the flexibility to choose your printing provider, use it on social media, or send it virtually to your friends, family, and loved ones.

The file with a final version of an artwork that we send to you is always suitable for printing on different home decor, apparel, wall decor, accessories, products depending on the source file. A digital version of your Covatar artwork includes a digital file in *.PNG format. Each portrait is made in Raster, but we also offer vectorizing services for an additional fee. Please send us a request before purchasing the specific style to ensure it is suitable for vectorizing services.

Depending on the package that you purchased the artwork with, we offer a digital file formatted to suit specific printing product sizes:

  • Original Resolution (1000px × 1000px, *.PNG). Perfect to use in social media and for printing on small objects (mugs, Christmas ornaments, laptop stickers, etc.). It is inclusive by default in every order.
  • Standard Resolution (1750px × 1750px, *.PNG). This option is great for printing on medium-sized products and objects (e.g., t-shirts, small canvases, posters, notebooks, etc.). It is included in the Standard package by default. If you purchased a product with the Basic Package, you could purchase this as an add-on.
  • High Resolution (2500px × 2500px, *.PNG). Perfect for printing on regular-size posters, large canvases, t-shirts, and other products. Included in the Premium package by default, if your artwork includes the Basic or Premium packages, you can obtain the High-Resolution version of your portrait for an additional fee as a product add-on.

And not all artworks are formatted equally! We offer two versions of products, and they depend on the number of characters in the picture:

  • Square (or 1:1 format) is applied automatically to portraits with up to 4 characters (humans or pets) in them. Four is a perfect number of characters to fit in the square format. You can also upgrade to a rectangular (or 16:9 format) version of your portrait with less than four people in it for an additional fee. In this case, we’ll expand the background and add more details there.
  • Rectangular (or 16:9 format) is automatically applied to all portraits starting with five characters and beyond. This format is also automatically included in all full-body portraits.

Customize your order by requesting a digital artwork in a higher resolution for an additional fee. We review all requests on a case-by-case basis. For detailed requests, please contact us at help@covatar.com. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Important things to know before you go to a third party printing provider:

  • Check their requirements. They may have different printing standards for colors and file formatting. In such cases, if you need to have the file adapted to their standards, this service will be subject to additional charges. All Covatar digital files are adapted to the general market printing requirements. We used our printing providers as a standard to ensure that we could provide superior printing quality for products we sell on our marketplace. 
  • Always ask for samples. If your printing provider doesn’t offer printing material samples, then we suggest you find another one who does. This step is essential to ensure that the quality of your printed product with an artwork made by Covatar will be excellent. We’re not responsible for any kind of quality issues related to using a third-party printing provider. 
  • DYOR or Do Your Own Research. Make sure to ask about the origins of materials and the contents of inks. There’s nothing worse than having a product that can be toxic and pose a danger to you and your loved ones. At Covatar Market, we always provide basic information about the inks, printing technology, and source materials.
  • Read the reviews. We have Google Review, Yelp, TrustPilot, BBB… you name it. Always make sure to learn about other peoples’ experiences with this specific printing provider.

Important licensing information

The artworks we produce are incredibly affordable and not intended for business, commercial, or reselling activities. By default, every graphic design product on our marketplaces comes with a personal license. This one means that you can utilize the artwork obtained from Covatar Market only for personal use.

Suppose you need to use Covatar artworks for Business, Commercial, or Reselling purposes. In that case, you must obtain a correct suitable license for an additional fee that you must pay in full before you start using the artwork for specific needs.

Examples of Business, Commercial, Reselling/NFT use-cases:

  1. Unauthorized image use on professional websites or streaming platforms if these are identified as an income stream. For these purposes, you need to obtain a separate Business use license.
  2. Using the image for marketing campaigns, printing on marketing materials, using on business/non-profit organization websites, etc. These activities require you to have a Business Use License.
  3. Gifting portraits to business partners, community members, and so on. These activities require you to have a Business Use License.
  4. Mass printing of artwork on wearables, home decor, and any other merchandise to resell them. Such activities require you to obtain the Commercial Use License.
  5. Reselling the digital version of an artwork to other people (for example, NFT or other digital goods marketplaces and stock photography platforms). In this case, you need to obtain the Reselling/NFT License.

If you want to learn more about licensing, please contact us at help@covatar.com. We’ll be happy to assist you with choosing the proper license for your case.