HAND-DRAWN PORTRAIT of beautiful man in the park created by artist Kichi from Covatar

Our rewards program created to reward our biggest supporters with bonuses, exclusive discounts, limited edition products, and to of other benefits.


You’ll also earn $10 of store credits.

How it works

Create your account

Sign-up with your email address at covatar.com. It takes just a minute. You’ll also earn $10 of store credits that you’ll be able to spend towards your first order.

Earn rewards

Make purchases, spread the word about Covatar, invite your friends, complete simple tasks. You’ll get rewarded with store credits.

Use your rewards for orders

Apply your rewards towards your orders and surprise yourself & your loved ones with unique portraits.

Membership perks

Access to unique styles & amp; products

As a member of the Covatar Rewards program, you’ll have the access to new and exclusive styles.

Rewards, rewards & more rewards

You’ll have an access to our unique rewards & referral programs accessible only to members of our community.

More surprises from us

We love treating members of our community with gifts, exclusive discounts, and with tons of other surprises.

Ways to earn

Explore the ways of earning more rewards

Earn rewards on your orders

After making your first order, you’ll earn $10 of store credits. We’ll also reward you with $7 of credits for every next purchase.From time to time, we’ll also be inviting you to support specific artists by ordering portraits from them. By participating in such activities, you’ll be getting higher rewards.

Share your opinion & earn more

Your feedback is always important to us, and especially, for our other customers. Inspire them to try Covatar by leaving a review for your order and earn $5 of store credits.

Complimentary credits

Just for being an active member of Covatar Rewards program, we’ll reward you with $7 on every first day of each month that you’ll be able to spend within 30 days after receiving them.For your birthday, we’ll reward you with $15 worth of credits. Because it’s your day.Oh, and our most active members will be getting special rewards from time to time. Just because.

Get rewarded for spreading the word about covatar

You can earn an unlimited amount of rewards by simply telling your friends about Covatar. Explore the ways of earning more credits rewards while supporting our mission.

Rewards after your referrals make their first order

Content creators, influencers & bloggers have been an important part of our success. Support our mission, help talented artists while earning competitive commissions & getting access to unique benefits.

Earn $3 on all future orders made by your friends

After your referral made their first order, it doesn’t stop there. You’ll get rewarded with $3 of store credits on all future orders made by your referrals.

Additional store credits when your referrals spend more

Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

And even more after you invite more people

After you invited a specific number of successful referrals, we’ll reward you whenever you hit a new goal. See goals.

Start earning today! Your first $10 are waiting for you

You’ll get $10 of store credits just for creating your member account on Covatar. As a member, you'll gain access to exclusive discounts, limited edition styles, and tons of other benefits.