Our mission is to make sure that everybody can have equal access to high-quality portraits made by real artists. Our Plus and Premium packages include many different perks and add-ons that thousands of our customers admire. But not everybody needs things such as choosing a specific style, customization with details, artistic background, fast delivery, or active participation in our proprietary creative process. All these things make the price higher, and we don’t really want you to spend money on things you don’t need. This is why we offer a special Covatar Basic package to our customers who have a limited budget or want to try our services out.

Some people would say that since this package is cheaper, we wouldn’t really invest our time into making your portrait as great as the ones we make under the Plus and Premium packages. This is not true at all. At Covatar, we’re always put a lot of effort, time, and creativity into every single portrait we create for our customers. We couldn’t earn the trust of teams at Microsoft, Workday, Google, Nasdaq, and thousands of individual customers over the last 18 months if we would be treating our customers differently.

The Covatar Basic package helps you get access to the same high-quality portraits for a fraction of the cost. When purchasing Covatar Basic package portraits, you always help and support talented people to share their talent with more people.

Here’s one of the Covatar Basic portraits compared to its version enhanced with Plus and Premium packages. The same quality of portrait, but different level of details and background complexity.

You can always upgrade your existing Basic package portraits in the future by adding additional people or pets, custom backgrounds, changing outfits, and other interesting details in your picture. Each picture is drawn by hand without any tracing, artificial intelligence, and customized even after finishing it up. The Basic package is a tremendous budget-conscious gift. You can also get one for yourself to highlight your personality and use as an avatar in your social media, messengers, blog, or even email signature! The high-resolution version of these portraits can be printed on physical objects, or you can save time and money and purchase it via our print shop. We’ll send a link to our print shop when your portrait is ready.

The Basic package includes:

  1. Bust portrait drawn in a random style for a specific number of people and/or pets chosen during the checkout.
  2. A *.PNG file, 1000px × 1000px.
  3. Non-distractive minimalistic background made in the color of your choice.
  4. Delivery time: 21 days.
  5. One cycle of edits related to facial features that affect resemblance.

And here are available upgrades for your portrait that can be purchased later on:

  1. Upgrade to Plus or Premium packages within the first 7 days after the purchase.
  2. High-resolution version of portrait that can be printed on souvenirs and home decor: 2500px × 2500px, *.PNG
  3. *.PSD source file with layers.
  4. Detailed artistic background, specific clothing details, etc., can be added separately before or after the delivery.
  5. Alternative versions of the portrait are made in different colors.
  6. Faster delivery: 2-4 business days or 7 calendar days.
  7. The EXTRA is available for purchase within the first 14 days. A specific style must be purchased separately.
  8. For an additional fee, you can also upgrade to a full-body portrait. Please, contact our support team after purchasing your portrait.

Exclusions apply

  1. No discounts or special offers can be applied to portraits purchased under this package due to the low price we’re offering.
  2. Edits related to background and outfit can be requested and are subject to additional charges.
  3. Under this package, a specific style can not be requested or chosen. You can switch to a particular graphic style for an additional fee within the first 72 hours after submitting the order.
  4. Portraits created under Covatar Basic package can not be used for any kind of business or commercial activities. You can get a separate business or commercial license for an additional fee. For more information, please contact our customer support team at support@covatar.com.

Additional information

Covatar Basic Plan is also available for bulk business orders. Project management services can be purchased separately under this Plan. Project management services and priority support for business orders are included in the Plus and Premium packages. For more information, please contact us at sales@covatar.com

Have questions?

Please feel free to contact our support team via chat located at the bottom right corner of our website or via email support@covatar.com.