At Covatar Market, we strive to provide our customers with unique experiences while keeping the prices suitable to your specific budget. 

Please, read this quick guide to our services packages.

To start with, we currently offer three (3)  service packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each package includes specific scope of work as well as a variety of benefits. 

The Basic Package

When you purchase a portrait with a Basic package, one of our talented artists will be assigned randomly to your order by our artificial intelligence responsible for workload management. You can upgrade to the Standard or Premium package within the first 72 hours after submitting the questionnaire with reference photos. 

Please note, if you’re currently on a page with a specific artist style, you can choose only between the Standard and Premium packages. 

Products purchased under the Basic package are excluded from all special offers and promotions. We offer the lowest possible price to serve low-income customers and allow them to have access to high-quality personalized gifts.

Remember, with the Basic package, you get the same excellent quality portrait but for the price of lunch while helping one of the talented artists from our team. You can customize your portrait after the delivery by adding unique details, artistic backgrounds, and more.

If you’d like to explore the products available under the Basic package, please, check out this page.

If you’d like to take your experience further, add a variety of customizations, or have fine details included in your initial order, please scroll down to learn more about the Standard and Premium packages.

The Standard Package

With the Standard package, you can choose one of 40+ unique graphic styles in our artists’ catalog, add exceptional sentimental detail to the future portrait, and unique artistic background.

If you purchased a portrait with the Standard service package, you could upgrade to Premium Package during the first seven (7) calendar days after submitting your questionnaire with reference photos.

The Premium Package

With the Premium service package, you can take your Covatar gifting experience further and participate in our proprietary creative process, where you can add your unique vision to each step of our production process. 

You’ll be able to approve every version of your portrait: from the early sketch to the final one. Your customer success manager will be assisting you along the way, translating your requests into requirements and acting as a communication bridge between our creative team and you.

If you’d like to learn more about our creative process, please check out this article.

For your convenience, we created a side-by-side comparison between our packages.


Features Basic Plus Premium
Delivery time
21 day
14 days
7 days
Specific style selection Available as an add-on
Background type Non-distractive minimalistic Detailed artistic Detailed artistic
Customization with details (hobbies, favorite things, etc.) Available as an add-on Up to 1 detail Up to 2 detail
Participation in the creation process Available as an add-on Available as an add-on
Personal project manager Available as an add-on Available as an add-on
High-resolution file Available as an add-on Available as an add-on
Discounts and special offers Not applicable
$5 donation to a charity of your choice Not applicable
Prices start at From $20 From $89 From $189


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