Add-on: upgrade from Standard to Premium package

Upgrade your portrait service package now and get a unique opportunity to participate in our proprietary process. Include your vision & approve your portrait on every step. You’ll also receive additional perks such as expedited delivery time, a high-resolution version of your portrait, and more. Save money on this upgrade now during checkout: it costs more later.
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Add-on: upgrade from Standard to Premium package

Add-on: upgrade from Standard to Premium package



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Using this add-on, you can upgrade your order and be able to participate in our proprietary production process, including your vision, ideas, and approve your portrait on every step. On top of that, you’ll get additional perks:

1. Participation in the process. Approve your future artwork on every step.
2. Free shipping for printed products from Covatar Market in the U.S.
3. High Resolution version of your portrait (2500px × 2500px, *.PNG). You’ll be able to print your portrait on large & home decor products.
4. Include Two (2) special or sentimental details in your portrait. With the Premium service package, you’ll be able to request adding a special detail to your portrait: favorite accessory or things related to your interests, hobbies, etc.
5. Faster delivery time. Receive your portrait as fast as in 7 days. Terms apply.

If you’d like to learn more about packages, please check out the table below.

Important note: this add-on is not eligible for additional discounts. You can not purchase this add-on without a parent order with a Covatar Portrait product (both printed or digital). The special discounted price is only available for add-ons added during the initial checkout process for a parent order. It is different from the add-on price after the checkout.

Service packages to match any budget

Our mission is not just to support artists but also to make art accessible to everyone. We've developed three service packages. Choose the right one for you!





High-quality digital portrait created by hand ?

Each portrait is always created by a real artist who carefully works on every detail. It doesn’t matter which package you choose; you always get a fantastic hand-made portrait

A+ customer support ?

Our customer care specialists will be happy to assist you throughout the process

Customize how you look ?

We can draw you and your loved ones in any attire and even hairstyle!

Choose from 40+ styles ?

You can choose from over 40 unique styles and find the one that fits your personality

Detailed artistic background ?

We'll create an artistic background based on a photo shared by you: your favorite location, flowers, national park... You name it!

Personalize it with details that highlight your personality ?

We'll add special details that will make your portrait even more unique. The Standard package includes one detail, while with the Experience package, you can add Two

Participate in the creation process ?

You'll be able to preview your portrait during the different steps of the creation process and request adjustments as we go

Personal Customer Care Specialist ?

Available as an add-on for the Essentials and Standard service packages

High-resolution version of the portrait that you can print ?

Available as an add-on for the Essentials and Standard service packages

Delivery time 21 day 14 days 7 days

Prices start at From $32 From $89 From $189


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