Solo Digital Portrait
Solo Digital Portrait
Solo Digital Portrait
Solo Digital Portrait
Solo Digital Portrait
Solo Digital Portrait

Solo Digital Portrait

Hand-drawn for you by Random artist from the Covatar team
Me, myself and I. Self Portrait that profess my self-love.
  • • Hand-drawn by a real digital artist
  • • Always unique & made-to-order
  • • Personalized with your ideas, special details & individual features
  • • Can be used as profile picture on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, blog, email, etc.
  • • Can be printed on hundreds of unique home decor, accessories & clothing items
  • • Convenient hassle-free process
  • • Perfect affordable gift for anyone & any occasion
  • • Portrait will be created by a randomly assigned artist from our team. If you want a specific style, you can choose it below.
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Covatar self portrait art is a unique memorable gift idea. It’ll be created in a unique graphic style by Random artist - one of our talented artists from our team.

Why go out of your way and spend vast amounts of money on a professional photoshoot when we can do something far better and far-out creative for you using the photos you already have? Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on cliché photos. Opt for a unique digital self portrait as your trademark!

So what else can you do with your very own self Covatar?
  • Print it out on a t-shirt. And NO, wearing a shirt with your face on it doesn't make you vain. It just shows you love yourself and your Covatar!
  • If you're more low-key, choose to print it on a canvas and hang it up in your bedroom for your eyes only.
  • Print it on a pillow, on your work stuff such as bookmarks, business cards and mouse pads, and have it delivered straight to your door.

A Covatar portrait makes sure you feel all range of emotions and every creative idea comes alive with our Covatar printing service. Have your product ship out anywhere across the globe. Upgrade this Covatar Standard Service Package with our Premium Service Package and work closely with our team, approve the portrait at every stage of our proprietary process and set your vision as we go.

Covatar in numbers

Since our beginning in 2020, our creative team has accomplished quite a lot, but the most important thing we’ve achieved is making thousands of people smile every day.


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Covatars are perfect gifts for any occasion, including business ones: holidays, workshops, conferences, employee appreciation, etc. Trusted by Microsoft, Nasdaq, Google, Workday, Palo Alto Networks, and more.