Customers' Stories

Fashion is my profession

Jul 13, 2022

I was born in a creative family. My relatives are artists, designers, and people who can do everything. But I’ve always wanted to learn something they haven’t done yet. And I chose photography: went to college as a cinematographer, but fell in love with static pictures. I enjoyed capturing the moment, capturing the beauty of people in images, learning new stories and telling them through pictures. I discovered my individuality and tried to hang out with fancy people.

I met famous people, worked in my specialty and realized that my dreams at the age of 15 were not destined to come true. I dreamed when I’ll be at 20 years old I would be a famous fashion photographer somewhere in Italy, my pictures would be printed in magazines, and brands would line up to work with me. Instead of photos, I chose letters and began to write texts like my mother — she loves them very much! But my character still lives in my head — a businesswoman with new cameras in her hands, models in chic outfits everywhere and brunches somewhere in Rome.