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Custom-Drawn Avatars For $20
Get a professionally-drawn Covatar for the price of lunch!
We'll donate $5 from each purchase to a charity of your choice.
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About Covatar
Covatar is a professionally-drawn illustration that you can use as a profile picture. Yes, it's the same as an avatar, but cooler! You can buy one for yourself or gift them to friends or family.

We created this campaign to support talented illustrators during this tough time and give them opportunities to share positivity. At the same time, we want to spread knowledge about the importance of supporting people around us.

Separately, we will donate $5 from every Covatar created to a charity or fund of your choice.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you create Covatars?
Covatars are hand-drawn avatars created by professional illustrators. Once you purchased one, we assign an illustrator to your project and he/she starts working on it. Once it's ready, we'll shoot an email to you. Usually it takes 7 business days. If you need it faster, please contact us via chat located in the bottom right corner of this page.
Can I gift Covatars to my friends and family?
Yes, you can! Click on the "Gift to Friends $17" button at the top of this page. After you pay, we'll ask you to fill out the questionnaire.
How can I pay?
We use Stripe as our payment provider. It's safe and secure, and nobody will ever access your financial information. You can use almost any credit and debit card, or for a faster and more convenient checkout , use Apple Pay and Android Pay. All payments are final, and no refunds/exchanges can be given. Please read the Terms of Service for more details.
How can I order several Covatars?
Simply place several orders. We'll assign a unique receipt number to each order. Also, feel free to refer your friends!
I want to partner with you on this project! What do I do?
We're open to collaborations and expanding this project further in order to support local communities. Please contact us via chat located at the bottom right corner of this page.
When will I get my Covatar?
After you placed your order, you have to submit a quick brief so that we can great the best custom Covatar for you. You'll be automatically redirected to the brief page right after payment. You must fill the brief on this page and submit it. If you experience any problems, please contact us via chat located at the bottom right corner of this page.

We'll get back to you with your custom Covatar via email within 7-9 business days from the moment you submitted the creative questionnaire. The day of the brief submission is not included in this count.
I'm a digital artist and want to help you to draw Covatars. How do I join?
Please contact us via chat located at the bottom right corner of this page. Please note that due to high demand, it'll take us some time to respond you.
Help others during the crisis
By running this project, we encourage you to donate money directly to charities and help others. We strongly advise you to always conduct your own due diligence.

This campaign was created to spread awareness and educate people on how they can help those who are affected by COVID-19. Please read our fun and easy-to-read guide and share it with your friends and family.
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Just for the cost of lunch.
We donate $5 for each Covatar created!
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