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My best results are realistic portraits with soft light and shadow and harmonious colors. The tone of the entire image is set by the model - the shade of the eyes and hair, the way the light is reflected on the skin, the texture and lines of the face. I like to notice and show the shapes and curves that make up the unique charm of each model. My drawings are voluminous and lively, and the people in them are real. I always try to find the expression and pose that best conveys the character.


My works

My story

I had an extremely varied childhood and often changed interests. I studied in a theater, sang for some time, did gymnastics and dancing until I attempted to learn how to play the guitar and piano at the age of 12 but was unsuccessful due to illness.

I remember surfing through an encyclopedia about rare animals and really wanted to depict a leopard I’d seen there. I took an empty journal and diligently sketched this beautiful animal. Then I colored it with crayons, trying to maximize the color. I even forgot about my illness while drawing it. I looked at the result and was stunned. My delight knew no boundaries. This drawing seemed almost like a masterpiece to me. I liked this first piece of consciously produced work so much that the entire journal was colored entirely until my full recovery. This is how my journey in drawing began. I remember the day when my grandmother first saw my drawing. It was of her, and I presented it with pride! She didn't appreciate it. She criticized me for its lack of detail and creativity. But that didn't stop me from developing my skilsl and learning how to draw at all costs! Gradually, other hobbies began fading into the background as painting became more important than anything else in life... At the age of 14, I started painting portraits for a living and found groups on social networks where people asked to be drawn. I was doing it completely free of charge just so that others could see my skills improve.

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