I'm this rare type of person who loves rain and gloomy weather.
Oh, and I can't live without drawing, snacks, and lots of sleep :)


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Drawing has been my favorite hobby for me since my first memories. This is the only thing that I have been able to do and hopefully work well. But just after graduating from art school, I decided that I wanted to dedicate my life to creativity, to realize my ideas and emotions, and animate my work, which is my favorite form of creativity. I made a little mistake on my way, and I was in a pretty uncertain state. My love for animation has not faded, but now it is important for me to find a comfortable style and try my hand at different art directions in which I'm going to work and develop my skills.

The only thing that I'm sure of is I have always been attracted and inspired by various works with characters and their images. But even so, the choice of interesting art areas is huge: from concept art and animation to making figurines and mini-installations. For the same reason, fan content plays a big role for me, and most of my works are fanarts. But despite the plenty of inspiration for such works and my love for them, the fear of failing to create something original doesn't leave me. It makes me feel like I couldn’t do anything at all, and sometimes I want to give up and crawl into the corner. But then I watch some old anime, and it inspires me to draw illustrations again, even though they’re still unreleased sketches. I’m hoping that someday I’ll have the strength to finish them or make new, more interesting ones.

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