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Custom-drawn portraits for your team
Unique hand-drawn portraits by professional illustrator that you can use as a great work anniversary gift, on the team page, or a motivational tool for your employees and team members.
Perfect solution for your business
Covatar is a custom illustration made by a professional artist. It can be used in many different ways in your business.
Tell about your team in creative way
The best work anniversary gift
Surprise your team members and their families with holiday gifts
Reward for achievements
The majority of "About us" pages are boring. With Covatars you can outstand your competitors and show your team in the creative way.
Congratulate your team members with work anniversary with a memorable gift that they will love. No more t-shirts with logos.
Ugly sweaters, ginger cookies and other stuff is good, but too boring. Give your employees and their families gift certificates for Covatars!
Finished a large project? Met your marketing and sales goals? Top this performance bonus with a beautiful portrait!
Over 700 people love us
Members of our fast-growing community love their Covatars! Enjoy even more examples in our Hall of Fame.
We can handle any production levels: for a small team of 5 and up to 100 people at a time.
Let's get your team covatar'ed
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